After re-discovering MOTU through the new Classics line, I was curious to see if Mattel had re-done Castle Grayskull. A recent question in Matty’s forums about making this iconic castle provided a short response that I’m sure most people here are familiar with by now; Basically, it’s too large a project to simply put to pre-order, sight unseen, without putting in a lot of time in research and designing. So it got me thinking, which version of Castle Grayskull would you like to see for the Classics line?

I could only think of four iconic looks…

Cartoon version inspired by the Filmation animation:

Box Art version inspired by Rudy Obrero’s illustration:

Vintage Toy version inspired by Mark Taylor’s sculpt:

New Cartoon version inspired by the 200X animation:

Personally, I favor the classic Filmation version, it's the one that sticks in my imagination the most. A very close runner-up, though, is the Rudy Obrero illustration. Seeing it again made me remember how awe-struck I was as a child when I got the playset as a present!