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Thread: Skeletor in Bone Throne FINALLY Painted :D (1/6 Scale Statue)

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    Skeletor in Bone Throne FINALLY Painted :D (1/6 Scale Statue)

    After so very long, at last, my Skele commish is now complete AND Painted

    Let me know what you guys think.
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    OHHHH I think I remember when you were first working on this and posted progress pics right? Anyway, it looks flippin awesome! I love how it almost looks like a garage kit with all the detailing and intricate shading but the quality is obviously far closer to a legit mass production piece. Absolutely fantastic- one thought, have you considered making a cast of just the throne itself and scaling it more to fit MOTUC figures? I'd bet you there is a market for a piece like this.

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    you're right, it is the same one I posted wips of back in 2009. Since the sculpt was completed it went into production hell and back (Looong story but anyway).

    Thanks for the compliments on the mass production comment, but it is indeed a garage kit. The caster and painter I work with do superb work, I'll let them know of you kind comments.

    As for the MOTUC scale throne, the answer is Yes. BUT it'll be a while til that happens though as there are other projects ahead of it. But its coming

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    WOW! This is absolutely amazing. The amount of work and detail and talent that it must have taken to create this is mind-boggling. Thank you for sharing!
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    Absoultely amazing! Excellent detail!
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    That throne is gorgeous!

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    That's an amazing piece to have in your collection! AWESOME!
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    100%Fimation and 100% awesome!

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    This is incredible, plus it's 1/6 scale. Finally, something cool enough to have the Hot Toys Red Skull or Loki ruling from whenever they come out. Thank you for sharing.
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    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccccccc ccccce!

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    Yes it realy takes much toooooooo looooooong

    But the end is great!

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    do you have pics of the throne alone? this is amazing! congrats!
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