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Thread: MOTUC Q&A's From Around the Net (3/15/2012)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super He-Man View Post
    I wasn't trying to be harshy or snarky, just realistic.

    I don't think their doing anything out of the goodness of their heart. I guess we just have different definitions of what constitutes a "sick" profit. If I made an item for $200 and sold it for $300, I'd be very happy with my 50% profit. Or, if I made 100% like in shadowfall's example, I'd be thrilled. I just don't see the evidence that a tiny line like MOTUC, with a very small production run compared to retail, only costs an average of $5 or less to make. If you mass produced them like Barbie, maybe, but not when you're making, as has been speculated, 10-20,000.
    They are making it overseas, and that in itself means it's cheaper to be made first off, regardless of labor & packaging, it's not at all hard to believe that even with an online exclusive, collectors grade toy, that they still make at least half in profit. Remember this they cost $22 when in retail they would probably go for $15 or so, so the cost is offset already by having the figure cost more for a lower production run. Besides plastic costs what it costs, when was the last time you paid $22 for an empty 5 Gallon bucket, there is a lot of plastic in there, and it's roughly the same plastic used in the figures, and you still have to pay people to put the handles on, pallettize them and then there is the lids and the gaskets for liquid buckets & pour spouts for paint buckets.... Point is the plastic is a small part of the figure, add the labor per figure and packaging, and I'd be willing to bet that Mattel still hauls in at least roughly half or more in profit per figure.

    Mattel is not going to make a figure line for just pennies in profit, they would cancel it for a more lucrative line, no they will not make this out of the kindness in their hearts, so they have to see there is a nice big profit in them to keep MOTUC around....and not to mention, for them to sell the figures at $10 - $15 in sales, even for overstock....will never hurt their bottom line, if so, they wouldn't be doing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfall1976 View Post
    So then with that logic, they make nothing in profits, because if you take that $10, that leaves $12 each then that for payment to the 4H, the workers, and paying DR a bit of each for their sire part of it, and the packaging....then there is what $2 - $3 profit per, it's more like all of that is part of the $5 - $10 per figure....if Mattel wasn't making more than half in profit from each figure, they would have killed the line a long time ago for something that would net them what they want.

    It is safe to assume that Mattel is making at least half of the figures retail in profit, if not, that would not be good business sense, and they haven't been around all this time not to be killing on profits.
    I didn't say that Brian was wrong...and I wasn't disagreeing with him...I just didn't know if that number he came up with included all of the startup for each figure or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    Which is Mattel's M.O.

    They hook the customer base, and then they cut costs and raise prices. This happened with JLU, DCUC, etc.

    I think it's just the way they do things nowadays... and frankly, it HAS hurt their reputation among the adult collector customers. Maybe items still sell, but long-term, they have likely lost a significant amount of customers on different lines.

    I called this whole price increase thing a while ago. Scott was freaking out about how "low" sub sales were for last year. I figured there might have been a dip, but I did NOT believe that it was the lowest amount of sub sales ever. Do we honestly believe that there are less Subscribers in 2012 than there were for the mini-sub in 2009?

    If prices go to $30 / figure, I won't be buying anymore. I'll wait and get them at a deep discount on ebay eventually... or when Mattycollector unloads them during a "Madness" sale (as they will likely have to because people will stop buying).

    Scott's comment about the figures eventually costing "$40" was ridiculous. There is no retail middle man (unless you count Digital River's price gouging via "Shipping & Handling" ). They've CLEARLY changed vendors and the quality of the product is obviously lesser (the plastic smells badly, the plastic is lighter... is anyone going to argue that Demo-Man, for example, felt as high-quality as Zodac, or even Vikor? I just mean with regard to the materials used).

    And if we don't pay $30 (plus $14 UPS, plus tax... nearly $50 / figure), the line will end and it will be the "fans' fault."


    I'm sorry, but I do NOT believe that "rising costs in China" justify $30 / figure. The real issue is the profit margin that Mattel, and every other American company expects nowadays.

    They want things like a 700% profit margin, when they could charge less, and probably sell more product, if they went with a 400% or 500% profit margin.
    I totally agree,i received my reply from DR about where my February figures are,and now the figures are more expensive,the shipping costs are higher,DR tell me that they will take two weeks longer.So instead of waiting 3-4 weeks i am now waiting 4-6 weeks,just like JLC and DCUC Mattel will kill this lines popularity.Take it back to the 12 monthlies and 4 quarterlies and SDCC exclusives,try and rescue whats left of the fans/collectors and not this model of squeezing as much money as possible out of everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Berserker79 View Post
    Imagine, if he doesn`t sell "okay".

    Imagine, he`ll sell terrible.

    Imagine, when TG realises that most casual customers won`t buy him. I´m not talking about all buying hardcore fans. I`m talking of the majority of MOTU fans. Do someone think, most of the fans would buy an around 100$ (without shipping) expensive piece of rotocast plastic?

    I don`t think so.
    I don't think its gonna sell either at $80-$100,the wind raider was a complete new tool that won't be re-used,Granymyr will use some of the previous tools,Draego Mans wings for example,and yet will be sold at double the cost(price and shipping).....the fans could be looking at up to $130 for one figure.......
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