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Thread: Grayskull, Subternia question

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    Grayskull, Subternia question

    If King Grayskull carved a bottomless pit out of the surrounding rock using the power sword in his fight with Hordak, how is it that there is a doorway to the castle in Subternia? How did He-Man travel from the castle to the doorway to surprise Skeletor?

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    That's an excellent point which I never thought about. The only answer I can come up with is that the door in subternia actually leads to a bridge or something.
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    It's not really bottomless in MYP. Atleast not made explicit.
    Since the Snake Men jumped in there and later we discovered they've been living there for some time.

    But yeah. The doorway in Subternia propably leads to Grayskull some way, even if not a direct route.
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