It has been a long time since I have had any discussions about the Silent Hill series. Are any of you here fans of the series? If so, which games have you played? Did you like the movie? I played the first game when it first came out, loved it, as it was similar to Resident Evil, but took its own spin onto things and came out great. Then things kind of just died on my SH wise until the movie came out, which I absolutely loved and went out and bought the second and third games for the PS2. I really enjoyed the second came, but my backwards compatible PS3 died before I ever got the chance to play the third one, and I never got the chance to dig the PS2 out to play it. As such, I am super excited for the HD Collection that comes out this week, as I not only get to replay the second game, but I finally get to play what is supposed to be the best in the series. I did give Homecoming a try several years back, but I just wasn't interested in the series at the time to really give it a try, so I sold it. Now I picked up Downpour, but haven't opened it yet.