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Thread: Steel City Con

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    Steel City Con

    Just learned about this this week while I was visiting Pittsburgh, is it worth going to?

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    If you're into the celebrities, then I'd say yes. They just announced Adam West and Burt Ward will be there in December. This in addition to a ton of other celebs.

    The dealers' goods leave a lot to be desired most of the time.
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    I always enjoyed it. I lucked out on vintage MOTU and GI Joe during its 25th anniversary line each time I went. There is a lot of everything as far as 80s vintage toys with some sweet deal making if you're bold enough. Have fun!!
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    I say definitely yes especially if you are into vintage toys. I am an 80's toy collector and they have a lot of vendors with toy lines from the 80's. I was also happy to see a decent amount of girls' toys there although it is still mainly guys' stuff in comparison. But I will take what I can get So far this is my favorite convention I have been to. I don't go for the celebs, but it is fun to walk back through and see them. I noticed they are starting to get bigger names in lately. They recently expanded the show so now there are two sections with celebs and artist alley in back. They have more room for cars to be on display such as Ecto one, the Batmobile, and the Back to the Future Delorean. They have the con 3 times a year usually in April, August, and December.

    Just for fun I attached a pic of the ginormous Stay Puft marshmallow man that was there in April. (To see how big he is look to bottom left at the doors with caution tape in comparison to him!)

    *** If anyone knows how to edit attachments please let me know the orientation being wrong on that pic is driving me crazy and I am also posting from my phone which makes it a little more difficult ***
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    I used to go that it was awesome. My best friend and I would go. It was the only place I could find the hard to fine new figures. The last one I went Billy Dee Williams was there. Lando himself
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