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So I watched the Royal Rumble last night. That was fun.

That got me thinking. I wonder how they decide when they come out, how long they stay in there, who throws who out.

It would be sort of fun if they actually did a drawing and had to improvise. Anyone have any info?
I used to do commentary for a very small local group. At the end of every weeks show, the had a battle royal to see who would get a title shot next week. The only thing they ever said was the last 2 & how 1 got eliminated.

The match was open to anyone on the roster, wrestles, managers, valets, refs... & yes commentators. Sadly ol' Kenny Shappiro never won, but it was fun, crazy & very confusing. I was in one once where NO ONE knew who was going to win. Everyone was getting into grapples and saying "Are you gonna win?" After that, I decided to stay behind my mic. I'm sure WWE has it planned to the second. I almost bet they tell the next guy in a few things backstage, & it becomes a spead the word type deal in the ring.