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Thread: Fang Man 200X by Brave Star

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    Fang Man 200X by Brave Star

    Here he is: My Fang Man 200X, constructed from a Whiplash body and a General head. The Rest is Sculpey. Weopon is from merman!
    Hope, you like him...

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    Great Work Brave!

    I really like your interpretation of Fang-Man here.

    I feel that the base figures you chose really suit the character very well.
    I used the same base figures for my own custom Fang-Man, but a different ratio of each.

    Excellent Job!

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    Very cool 200x style Fang Man! I've seen several of your 200x style pieces, and I think they're all quite well done.

    I do have a few questions in regards to your techniques w/Sculpey...

    Don't you find Sculpey to be a bit brittle after heating on detail/accent pieces?How do you go about heating the sculpey to cure it? Have you ever experienced any problems with it after you've heated it? I've heard of several different ways to heat it, but I've never found that one "magic" answer in terms of the absolute best method. I'm curious because, I've experimented with super sculpey on figures before, but ultimately I was never quite satisfied with it's long term durability. It's great stuff though. Quite easy to sculpt, and holds details nicely- but I have never been able to really make it work for me durability wise in terms of accent pieces and small/thin details. I like to use Ave's Apoxie because of the durability, but I honestly find Super Sculpey to be easier to work with, and a much more forgiving media.

    Anyways, I don't mean to derail your thread, but I was curious as to your insight. Thanks, and great job!

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    great custom , dude truly kinda of a classic version of 200x ........ i like this one

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    I saw this one over at planeteternia, don't speak german so glad i can tell you how much this rocks

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    very nice... job well done
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    Excellent! That is a really great Fang-Man!

    Seeing all of these great customs is really making me want to get back into this.
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    Nice custom, Brave Star. I like your version of fang man. Some details are similar to my version, but most details are very, very different. The only thing I'm not so sure about are the colours. Style of the clothes and colours are so different from the filmation version, that I would not have realized that this custom is Fang Man. But I love the sculpting work you have done.
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    i really like it, i think i will take ur idea in some moment!
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    That is very cool. Awesomeness!

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