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Thread: Hello from Maine, I'm Cliff not Mosquitor or Photog

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    Hello from Maine, I'm Cliff not Mosquitor or Photog

    So here I am all these years later. I was one of the biggest Masters of the Universe fans ever as a kid. Well, I should say I watched Masters and She Ra religiously.... had comics but never any action figures...might have had a lunchbox. Here I am today still have no action figures,,, just found out about the Masters subscriptions early last year. Talk about showing up late for something. I don't usually do subscription based things, can't commit the money. I'm a toyrun type of guy and honestly think a core line of MOTU at stores would be awesome as I think if I Cherry Picked hehe I would just get He Man, Battle Cat, Man at Arms,Skeletor and Orko but if I laid my hands on a Mosquitor that would be cool. I never remember there being a Fearless Photog. I specifically remember entering a contest with an idea for a guy who looked like a camera as a kid though. I was never got back to on that though. I was obsessed with cameras as a child and used to have hundreds of them. So here I am today an older guy still hoping they make a bust or full sized Mosquitor. How about a new non Michael Bay Masters movie and perhaps some MOTU figures for us poor nonsubscribing factory working peg watching Space Cadets.
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