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Thread: King He-Man discussion thread

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    OH MAN King He-Man is right on my nightstand next to Scare Glow! Friggin' love that figure. To each his own, though!
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    I like the King He-man figure a lot. He's hangin' out with my stone warriors and cosmic warriors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfall1976 View Post
    I wasn't disappointed in EP Randor, I like him. I like him a hell of a lot more than I liked KHM, he is my Randor of choice. While KHM was far from a top tier figure in my book, he did actually display well, I used the Sword of Ancients for him, I hate the 200X Power Sword.

    And yes about the cape, mine was messed up, like it was glued, but the glue had come off, but I have no pics. And have since sold him off, because he was never a must have for me. And I prefer King Adam.

    There was a box type of attachment point that looked like a Target, only square, and it was a good size, which you can see the size if you take the armor off and look under the cape.
    Which one is the sword of the Ancients?

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    King He-Man is by far the most uninteresting exclusive to me. Even Pre-Eternia He-Man beats him just by having the cosmic key included.

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    I didn't like the figure at all when it was announced. The colours didn't work well together and the design did not appeal to me. For some reason (maybe it's the less shiny - more greyish silver) the final figure looks WAY better to me. Really like him now. The damaged 200X power sword is a very nice accessory!
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    I'm really glad I subbed and got King He-Man! I dig the concept and the figure itself. I love that he's a homage to King Grayskull, He-Ro, and King Randor. So yeah, couldn't be cooler in my book. Now we need a Queen/Sorceress Teela!

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    Quote Originally Posted by retcon View Post
    Which one is the sword of the Ancients?
    The one that came with Fang Man, the Filmation sword.
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    I still need to get this figure...what's stopping me is that his face looks nothing like He-Man. I guess since he is older, he won't have the cute, 'scrunched' He-Face.

    I suppose he looks like Randor or the derpy Adam head that comes with Orko...

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    I loved the King. Battle-worn, aged. Just terriffic.
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    My son & I both love King He-Man.
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    KHM rules! We need a hooded KHM variant (a variant of a variant)
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    I dig the battle worn droopy faced King He-Man in a big way, I like him even more with the Gold sword from the DVD pack in his hand even better. It matches his suit of arms and I'm going to proudly display him in my Castle Grayskull along with my future version of the Protectors of Castle Grayskull.

    The power sword he came with is just sitting in a box while it looks alright and has a nice sculpt it just has no connection to me then again I never liked the Power sword from 200X always thought it was a bit too much and not iconic enough. The 200X sword was the equivalent of spinning rims to me just plain gaudy.

    I'm so glad I have a loose King He-man and a MOC one.
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    i'd love an alt head. reg head with king randor beard and same khm crown. wears tin when you need him?!
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    I'm still not feeling that design of the figure, still an easy pass...

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    I'm leaving him on my desk for awhile , maybe he will grow on me. I usually only keep figures i really like there.
    Gonna open up King Grayskull and Fang man. Try some different display options. For some reason I have almost a dozen figures unopened.

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    Love the figure--though I don't use him as King He-Man. I'm old school--more of a mini-comic guy than (ugh) Filmation.

    In my personal canonTM Adam does not exist. And since I dislike both Randor figures, I use KHM as my Randor.

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