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Thread: Masters of the Universe Classics – Beyond Vintage - Posted by The Fwoosh

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    Masters of the Universe Classics – Beyond Vintage - Posted by The Fwoosh

    Great article posted by The Fwoosh:
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    Complaining about complainers, the article.

    Then goes on to to state there is MOAR to this line than vintage.

    This reminds me of a certain article that was front-paged here last month and was met with such.....attention?
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    Good article. I hope we get to see life after the "vintage wrap-up" phase is done with.
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    Cool article. This line has the potential to keep pumping out great figures, even after the vintage rosters are completed.

    While finishing the vintage lines will definitely be a great accomplishment, I'm looking forward to characters like Lodar, Dare, Son of Skeletor, Kittrina, Vultak, the Masks of Power demons, Lady Slither, Three Beast, Bubblor and many others.

    Bring 'em on!!
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    The problem with 2016 is this:

    If, hypothetically, there were only 12 figures released in a given year, and they were a random mix of characters--some of them would undoubtedly be lame.

    However, if all 12 were vintage MOTU--not POP, not NA, nothing but original MOTU vintage--then there is definitely a sizeable portion of the fan base that would want them all just because they had a figure in the 80s.

    In 2016, though, we will have the exact opposite--none of the figures will be vintage MOTU. It's likely that most people would want some of the figures, but many fans will not want all of them. And since none of them will have the same allure to completionists as a vintage MOTU would have, they don't sub.

    What remains to be seen is exactly how many fans fit that description. If it's a small enough number, 2016 will be fine, but if it's a big number then 2016 is in real trouble.

    I guess time will tell.

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    I'm going to be brutally honest here - I like the title and general concept of this article, but not much else. It meanders through several superfluous thoughts and dwells on personal opinions while only providing about a paragraph on what actually matters: examining established, concrete reasons as to how and why the line could be cool beyond vintage.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grepicon View Post
    Complaining about complainers, the article.

    This reminds me of a certain article that was front-paged here last month and was met with such.....attention?
    Yeah. Just when I thought we had finally moved on from all that self-righteous nonsense...

    I always find it ironic when these people go on and on about how other people's opinions are such a burden to them, and exhaust them, and make toy collecting unfun, and blah, blah, blah, ad infinitum, then near the end of their dissertation they say something akin to "Hey, if you want to wallow in the negative, go nuts."

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    Great article, and im in much agreement. MOTUC must go on indefinitely.there is much untapped potential

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    Totally agree

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    There’s already hints of what might be coming up with all of the talk of “Son of He-Man” along with — oh god, it hurts to even say it — ”Skeleteen.”

    Side note on Skeleteen. Stop it with Skeleteen. That is a horrible, horrible name.


    There’s resistance to the Son of He-Man stuff, and I get that, because it can end up going horribly wrong — for instance, there could be a character called “Skeleteen.” But anything can be done and done well. I think my main problem with digging into the Son of He-Man stuff is it’s not that far removed from what we have currently. Calling a kid “Dare” and dumping some teenage angst on him doesn’t add much to the overall mythos, and it can end up being way too “James Bond Jr.”...

    ...Let the Horsemen go nuts and forge ahead with their own vision of MOTU once vintage is over; they’ve already proven to be great designers and clearly have a handle on what MOTU is.
    These two points make the article for me. Yes there are moments of complaining about the complainers, but it's more of an editorial about what the writer thinks the future should be for MOTU.
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    I want to hurry and get past vintage myself. Many of the characters I want to see are from other media sources or prefer the alternate source material for figures. I really feel I made a mistake subbing this year as there are only five figures total from both normal monthly figures to the quarterly figure that I really wanted. All the others I really could not give a monkey tail about. I really want to see the characters and vehicles that got left out from the 200x era like the Horde Wraiths, Horde Troopers, Calix, Tuvar and Baddhra, Veena, Captain Randor, The Vulture plane, Bone Warriors, the Giants, the Avion woman with Stratos, Now with DC running an ongoing comic series, we now have a whole 'nother source of characters and character interpretations. I really want to see Despera with her mask as a figure. It's time to sprint past vintage and get to some more stuff that can keep the line fresh.

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    Hey, there's some hope for the line! That's a nice breath of fresh air in the midst of everything. Now let's hope they can get enough subs for 2016 and beyond!

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    I agree 100% with the first paragraph of the article. Well stated and thank you Fwoosh! Extra bonus points to the first reply "complaining about complainers", I love it when someone retorts with a tired old clich้.
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    Great article! There's definitely a lot of untapped potential with MotU.
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    Great article.

    The first paragraph in particular made me smile.
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    I really liked this:

    I’d be way more interested in a time on Eternia that’s a lot further away than a single generation. This line could grow into a huge, imaginative line that deals with an Eternia thousands of years later. The familiar things like Power Swords, Grayskulls, and world-threatening evils can continue in some fashion, but I’d love to see the concepts evolve. Or it could go backwards and open up the time when all those fun vehicles were first created, like the Battle Ram and the Talon Fighter. What kind of battle went on back then?

    That is exactly the direction I would move in. There could be dozens of really cool characters that are similar to existing characters, yet different. They could use a lot of the same parts for tooling, which has been a staple from day one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pottie View Post
    Great article posted by The Fwoosh:
    I get so sick and tired of this negativity which aims itself at the customers. It is dark. It is hateful, and it is ironic.

    If I ignore the opening paragraph, sure I'm open to and into MOTUC continuing. But they're not fixing any problems, the PR is getting worse, and they're promising to raise prices annually. It just doesn't seem realistic to imagine the line going on forever under these circumstances. Let's attend the funeral with a little dignity, not attacking the loyal and long-suffering customers who made this line happen.
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    I hope we get to see more NA expanded upon.

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    Excellent article, particularly the first paragraph.

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