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    Super Powers Want List

    Looking for the following Super Powers stuff. Tons of stuff to trade in the Virtual Yard Sale in my signature. Let me know if you are interested in trading.

    • Superman: Loose, Complete (NM as a Replacement)
    • Cyborg: Loose, Complete
    • Shazam: Loose, Complete
    • Tyr: Loose, Complete
    • Riddler (Super Amigos): Loose, Complete
    • Green Lantern: Loose, Complete (NM as a Replacement)
    • Aquaman: Figure Only (NM as a Replacement)
    • Brainiac: Figure Only (Unbroken, NM as a Replacement)

    Weapons and Accessories
    • Superman: Cape
    • Wonder Woman: Lasso
    • Green Arrow: String, Arrows x3
    • Batman: Cape (NM as a Replacement)
    • Martian Manhunter: Cape (NM As a replacement)
    • Parademon: Gun x6, Left Arm
    • Mr. Freeze: Helmet (NM As a replacement)

    • Batcopter: Loose, Complete
    • Darkseid Destroyer: Loose, Complete
    • Justice Jogger: Loose, Complete
    • Delta Probe 1: Loose, Complete
    • Supermobile: Loose, Complete

    Vehicle Parts and Accessories
    • Kalibak Boulder Bomber: Spearhead Missile x2

    Mini Comics
    • Superman
    • Dr. Fate
    • Penguin
    • Steppenwolf
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