Hi all,

After having collected nearly all of the 200x line I had decided not to opt for the classics line but recently changed my mine when mattycollector recently had their March sale. I decided to finally start collecting the line so I picked up my very first MOTUC figures, he-man and skeletor. While the figures look great I can't help be very disappointed at how the eyebrows are painted on my he-man's face! One is noticeably much higher than the other which is odd considering the eyes (which are much more detailed) are painted perfectly. I have scoured the internet and haven't come across anyone else with one that looks like mine so I thought I should post.

I've attached pics below - while a part of me wants to not make a big deal I can't help but think he looks like a clown every time I see him. My he-man also has the raised hair issue but I'm prepared to deal with that once opened seeing at how it's a fairly common problem that can be fixed.

Is this something that's worth hounding Mattel to have replaced? (I've read the poor QC issues you all have had and am discouraged at even making the attempt to have this resolved). If the paint error were anywhere but his face it would not have been worth making a fuss about. Please let me know what you think I should do and if any of you have faced similar issues.