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Anybody who is seriously considering buying this mini series, if you're already a comic book fan, PLEASE PRE ORDER it from your Local Comic Shop vendor. Most of you don't need me to explain why this is important, but for the rest, it's because the number of customers who pre order will determine how many copies of the comic that the Comic Shop will order, which in turn will determine how successful the series is. The more people who pre order it, the more likely the Comic Shop owner is to think "Hmmm, there's some interest here, I think I'll order 20 copies for the shelf instead of just 10".

If the first issue sells around 40,000 copies, then it'll be more successful than a lot of DC & Marvel's superhero properties, and the more likely we are to get a follow up mini series, or even an ongoing series!

And if the story's terrible, then you can always cancel it after #1 - but hopefully that won't be the case!
Well said, this is something that SERIOUSLY needs to be addressed. I'm planning on keeping this forum informed on when order dates are due, so that every knows when to get down to their shop and pre-order a copy. And I think we can do better than 40K!! How about we shoot for the moon and show them how powerful we REALLY are? 75K!!!!!!!!!!!!!