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Why call it "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" if it's not a continuation of the classic TV series of the same name? Yes, it's going to be darker, much darker, but it should still tie into the same basic chronology we know and love.
He-Man has many canons. This is but another one. MYP was also called "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" and that was also a new take on the franchise.

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I can see all new incarnations of He-Man doing away with the secret identity. I think we will definitely see no secret identity in the movie. Maybe they just see it as an extra burden that’s entirely expendable?
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I still think MotU needs both Adam and He-man. I don't want to see another movie where there is no Adam. We had that already.
Hollywood "overthinks" things like, why do transforming robots need spaceships or how can a poor kid come up with web fluid and not use it to become rich? I think these same people are going to come into MOTU thinking "what's the point of having a secret identity when you, your friends and your family are already the most highest profile targets on the planet to begin with?" Might as well be He-Man 24/7.