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Thread: How old do you consider "current timeline" He-Man to be?

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    How old do you consider "current timeline" He-Man to be?

    In terms of how he is presented in the Classics canon, how old do you perceive He-Man to be?

    In the vintage line, certainly the earlier pre-Filmation literature, I always saw him as maybe late 20s or early 30s, trained physically for many years and at his peak, and maybe already a little war weary by the stage of the second wave mini-comics.

    Over the course of Filmation into NA territory, he seemed to become slightly younger.

    In one Filmation episode, it is suggested that Adam is 20; 'though I've personally never worried that Adam and He-Man's physical age totally tally (I mean, their whole bodies are different, so it doesn't necessarily mean that their ages would be exactly the same either, if you get what I mean).

    By the time of 200x, he actually seemed quite young, maybe in his late teens, or about 20 at most - I always took his fighting prowess of him being at his natural physical peak in this version, as opposed to the war-weary but highly trained older He-Man suggested at in early mythos.

    How old do you imagine him aged within in "current" timeline in the Classics (and indeed, what age would you ideally see him represented as)?
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    classics spans a lot of time though doesn't it? even a short lived person like adam/he-man (as opposed to say mossman etc) is different ages - at one point he's a king. when he's thunder punch he-man it is when he returns with the masters, so he'd be a bit older at that point - but i cant remember if it has been said how long they were in caves, enough time for king hssss to show up and hordak to return. i'd guess though, early 20s to late 20s... any older and that's just a bit sad really.

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    I don't like the idea of a little kid transforming into an adult in any fiction, that seems like it would be more distracting than helpful.

    I always felt that when Adam changes into He-Man he doesn't have to go through any body reconstruction, his strength as He-Man is magic based, and can't have anything to do with his muscle size. There's no amount of muscle growth that can justify lifting a vehicle into the air and throwing it.

    That being said, I think mid-late 20's.

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    I agree with Ealo; Classics covers a lot of time. Adam first transforms on his 18th birthday (I'm almost certain Scooter said so), but then there's the time before Skeletor takes the throne and the renegade Masters, then the later King He-Man period...
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    MOTUC does cover a lot of time, but for me there is past time He-Man, present time He-Man and future time He-Man (these are the past, present and future of Prince Adam He-Man). I see present He-Man being at his mid to late 20's and present time for me is the time where MYP series ended, anything past that point is see as the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EuroCoin View Post
    MOTUC does cover a lot of time, but for me there is past time He-Man, present time He-Man and future time He-Man (these are the past, present and future of Prince Adam He-Man). I see present He-Man being at his mid to late 20's and present time for me is the time where MYP series ended, anything past that point is see as the future.

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    Today is Adam's birthday, but not He-Man's.
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    I'm thinking 32.

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    27. In January, he'll be celebrating his 28th birthday. Don't ask me why. Also, I'm pretty sure he drives a Buick.
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    A year on earth is 365 days/ one revolution around the sun.....what is a year on Eternia??

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    Other - no age comes to mind.
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    I feel most Superheroes are late 20's to early 30's, with 35 to 38 being the latest/normal age of "main heroes".

    That being said, of course I see Prince Adam as early 20's at most, in as much as though they depict Adam and He-Man as basically the same, I think obviously adam should be younger to He-Man's "normal adult" age

    I'm not saying I feel 200x young adam is the "perfect" way to depict him though it was cool, but that in the same look, in our imaginations He-Man is older looking with adam looking younger, though their depictions are basically the same guy.

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