My name is Thommy and I'm a Star Wars Fan. This is a great thing. Being a Star Wars Collector, on the other hand, has had its ups and downs. I own tons of this stuff and bought the action figure line religiously for years and years, until the inevitable day when I realized, completely burned out, that it had ceased being a fun hobby and had transformed into a job. (Happily, the excellent MOTUC line started soon after, and as a Fanboy and Figure Connoisseur, I had found my Happy Place.)

But again, I am still a Star Wars Fan. Enjoying the films and the cartoons and the music and the Way of Life that Being a Star Wars Fan brings is swell, but sometimes I pine for the excitement of tearing into a Brand New Toy bearing the likeness of the Heroes of the Rebellion or the Villains of the Galactic Empire.

Lately, even fans of the franchise who never left the Hasbro line (okay, I'm still a sucker for Ewoks) have been feeling the staleness of a decades old collection and style. I've spoken briefly (via The Internets) with Galactic Hunter's maestro, Adam Pawlus, regarding the notion of a FRESH take on Lucas' beloved series in the same vein as MOTUC, DCUC, or Marvel Legends. (Pawlus has made it no secret that he's enamored with the MOTUC line, lately.)

Imagine the awesomeness of a small line -perhaps 10-12 figures a year, made up of 6-7 inch figures of only the most crucial characters. (No ICMG here.) Just as the original Kenner line did one version of a character in a certain guide (as opposed to 20 Tatooine Luke's), this line would focus on the most important elements from all six movies, The Clone Wars, and possibly anything else Lucasfilm churns out in the future.

I imagine the style to be the modern equivalent of the Vintage line-likeness could be somewhat stylized as far as actors go, but not in a way that would age prematurely (as some would argue the 200X/anime style has). A timeless look akin to MOTUC would fit nicely.

Imagine a first wave of these figures to test the waters:

-Darth Vader
-Luke Skywalker (Tatooine)
-Han Solo (IV)

...followed by a wave a few months later of:

-Princess Leia (IV)
-Ben Kenobi
-Boba Fett

...and so on.

Vehicles and playsets would likely not happen, of course, but we've survived without a Batmobile for our DCUC Batman figures or a Fortress of Solitude for Supes. It would be a drastic change from the legendary Star Wars play pattern, but in a world where shelf-space is an epic battleground, that could be a plus. Hasbro could even attempt to "out-Matty" Mattel and launch this as an online-only collection. I'd love to sub for 12 SWClassics figures a year!

Toss me your ideas, thoughts, line-ups, designs, and support! Even if we're spinning our wheels in the muck of a massive daydream, this could be fun!

May the Force be with you!