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Thread: *Working Class Villains online store now open!

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    *Working Class Villains online store now open!

    A long time coming, but it's finally here!
    Good people to trade with!:
    Son of Keldor, He-Ryno, Zovex (x3), KingKahn, miscus555, Kaijukilla, Gigatron, big_truk_convoy, Andrea the Cat, Bigassbuzz (x2), Dawg88, zodak74 (x2), pistolpete1969, sandrockgundam04, Rexplode, TekkamanSol, Lay Ze-Man, djblizzard, brock_snyder, Spikewolfe, rocky_raccoon, Zordak, npbaity, JeMaBo2,

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    Ultimate win.
    Thanks Mangs.
    -Buzz out - Evil Action Figures

    My ORG FEEDBACK is here.

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    ^^^ That is pretty friggin' sweet looking.

    My wife has had nothing but good luck with etsy, Toygiant. Hopefully they work just as good for you.
    Have dozens & dozens of trades under my belt on the .ORG, far too many names to mention here. Thanks to everyone for helping me with my collection over the last 10+ years!

    And if you'd like to buy some of my stuff: Zombiman on and Zombiman Toys on eCrater

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    I still need to get me this grate! I tried to win the painted one at PowerCon but missed out. Soon, though. Soon...
    Coming Soon. My line of 5.5'' action figures.

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