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Thread: MOTUC Display Backdrop: Filmation Castle Grayskull!

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    MOTUC Display Backdrop: Filmation Castle Grayskull! (Printout Added!)

    Since Mattel doesn't have plans to make a MOTUC playset anytime soon, I decided to make my own backdrops for my Classics displays. Originally, I wanted to produce these as fully sculpted diorama/playsets but that's a huge project that will take time, money, and the help of a friend who's a lot better at sculpting than me. For now, I'm illustrating the backdrops on cardboard as a rough guide of the scale and look that I'd like to see for the Classics figures!

    My first backdrop is Castle Grayskull. I went with the Filmation style that I remember most from my childhood but took into consideration some suggestions that fans here have requested. I included things like...

    1. 8x11" Jawbridge so that He-Man can enter the castle while riding Battle Cat.
    2. A larger window opening so that you can see the Sorceress peeking through.
    3. Enough space on the towers for a figure to stand or even attach a Point Dread add-on.
    4. No electronics!

    Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress. I'm planning on painting the castle details, and trimming down the excess cardboard around it, later on.





    Also, here's the Printable version:

    Castle Grayskull Backdrop, Printable Version, 4MB

    Well, I hope you enjoy the pics...I'm thinking of doing Snake Mountain, the Fright Zone, or the Crystal Castle next!
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