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Thread: March Sale Announced

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    March Sale Announced (Point Dread/Filmation Teela Tease?)

    Holy moley! Huntara will have NO day of sale. It's all at Matty Collector!!

    3/16 Releases Announced: Giant Zodac®,
    DC Comics, Plus Subscriber-Only Figures

    Posted by Admin on February 25th, 2015

    By Tara Z.

    With all the recent talk about net neutrality, we could use the Cosmic Enforcer™ to keep everyone in check… good thing he’s on his way for the March sale! This month we’ve got the new 12” Giant Zodac® arriving to keep an eye on things, plus a couple of DC Comics favorites and two figures shipping to subscribers only.

    Early Access 3/12Giant Zodac®
    •Thursday, 3/12 from 8 a.m. PT to Friday,
    3/13 at 8 a.m. PT (subscribers only)
    •Masters of the Universe® Giant Zodac®*
    •DC Comics Connor Kent Superboy*
    •DC Comics Ice*

    All Access 3/16
    •Monday, 3/16 at 9 a.m. PT (everyone)
    •Masters of the Universe® Giant Zodac®
    •DC Comics Connor Kent Superboy*
    •DC Comics Ice*

    *Subject to Early Access sellout.

    2015 Club Eternia® Subscribers Only
    •Masters of the Universe® Classics Oo-Larr® (Club Eternia® Exclusive Figure; Castle Grayskull® map shipping separately in April.) Available only to subscribers of 2015 Club Eternia® as a benefit of membership, Oo-Larr ® cannot be purchased.
    •Masters of the Universe® Classics Huntara™ (Club Eternia® Monthly Figure.) Huntara™ will be shipped to subscribers only and won’t be available during March 2015 All Access or Early Access.

    March Subscription Key Dates
    •Subscriptions Renew/Cards Charged: Starting Tuesday 3/10
    •Subscription Orders Ship: Starting Friday 3/13
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    Is oo-lar shipping in April or just the map?

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    Seems Oo-Larr is March, Map coming in April. That's the way I read it.
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    So I wonder if they will include the map with Angella or as a separate package? I would guess a separate package since Angella starts Quarter 2.... I hope we don't get charged extra shipping either way. If it comes as a separate package I sure hope it doesn't get damaged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Armoured View Post
    Seems Oo-Larr is March, Map coming in April. That's the way I read it.
    That's the way I read it also.
    ......... ........

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    Quite excited for that 12" Zodac. I love it when we are revealed things and they go up for sale a month later!
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    Looking forward to Huntara...and REALLY looking forward to Oo-Larr and that vintage design He-Man head!
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    Yes bring back the Jumbos. You're mine Zodac. Huntara....yawner

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    Why did I think I already had the map...
    I'm loosing it.

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    So does anything know how this relates to quarterly shipping subscribers? Will the map still ship in April on its own, or will we have to wait till the next quarterly shipment in June?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stratos*Major View Post
    Why did I think I already had the map...
    I'm loosing it.
    Ah, it's probably because all this stuff is shown several months in advance and by the time it's released you think: 'Hang on, don't I already have that?'.

    I've done it with figures before.

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    really glad this is a sub holder month. I can really use the break.

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