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Thread: Are Spirit and Swift Wind two "separate" entities?

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    Are Spirit and Swift Wind two "separate" entities?

    I'm wondering this because Spirit mated with Starwind when he was in his "Swift Wind" form... which seems to me pretty odd. Was the baby pony son of Spirit or Swift Wind? So strange.
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    i think they are one-and-the-same... like she-ra/adora... if adora ever married and got preggers, if she turned into she-ra, i'd imagine she'd still be preggers... which might give away her identity.... nah, no one on etheria is very observant; i'm sure they'd never even notice...
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    Oh Angora, you just had to a really interesting topic and then make me laugh and laugh... Now, I'll be thinking about pregnant She-Ra, post-transformation, frowning and tugging on her skirt...

    Yup, the whole "Swifty's Baby" concept really did raise some questions for me as well. Actually, the whole Unicorn Island concept is a bit confusing. It might make sense if Spirit was originally Swifty, a unicorn that Hordak kidnapped and turned "regular" just because he's a total meanie...but then, he'd obviously recognize Swift Wind as being the horse he'd originally captured and given to Adora, only now with She-Ra. (Not that he EVER recognized the sword again after SOTS, mind you!)

    And there's also the fact that Hordak called Swifty a unique gift for Horde Prime. Well, if there's a whole island of Unicorns, he's not that unique (can someone remind me if Hordak had ANY clue or hunch about Unicorn Island before actually arriving there?)

    The whole thing confuses me. Early in the series, it seems like Swifty is just a pumped-up version of Spirit (as is the case with She-Ra/Adora), but then later, Swifty seems to be a dominant personality with this whole other life! What role does the Power of Grayskull have in all this?

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    I found it surprising that She-Ra didn't know about Swifty's mate, Star Wind. When did Swift Wind have time to step away, get to know and mate with another winged horse? Does She-Ra allow Swift Wind to wander off often? Also I've imagined that if Adora was visually pregnant, She-Ra wouldn't show the baby bump. However, once She-Ra feels Adora's strong labor pains arriving, the power of Grayskull would magically transform She-Ra back to Adora.
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    I think Adora would tell Bow, Razz and Glimmer to step it up, let her rest and bring her back some fudge ice-cream if she were preggers

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    Swift Wind and Spirit was one individual, just like Battle Cat and Cringer Re just also one individual. In the end of the movie, we see Cringer asking if anybody will miss him, and Spirit replies by a caress at him. If Swift Wind was not the same as Spirit, Sirit would not have remembered Cringer as. friend.

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    Spirit is Swift Wind yes the same horse.
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