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    Is Mosquitor REALLY that popular?! - MotUC Discussion/Speculation

    In his Popularity Poll, Mosquitor is streets ahead of everyone else and went for around 40 votes with no-one voting not to buy him... (The polls are multiple choice, so others can be voted for as well).

    I know Dan can't wait to get Mosquitor and I personally also can't wait to see him. But given the usual numbers for polls (and the later characters tending to fair not as well as the earlier characters), plus the fact that the Sorceress achieved around 85%, my question is this:

    Is Mosquitor really that popular with the MOTU community? Are people in such anticipation for this character?

    Has Dan's love for the character made him a cult favourite, because of his video reviews? Or contraversially, has this made the Org biased?! (one poster even said they wouldn't buy the character but would vote for him for Dan's sake!).

    Admittedly, he's not pitted against the most challenging contestants - Rokkon, Hoove, Hunga the Harpy and the Oracle - but what do you think?

    Here is the thread in question:

    Post your thoughts on Mosquitor here!
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