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Thread: MOTUC Mosquitor Discussion

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    For me, he is just the most visually striking designs of the later releases.

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    i saw mosquitor when i was a kid, i was like 9 years old and the mom of one friend traveled to the states and when she came she bring to my friend characters that i never saw before like mosquitor, rio blast, he man flying fist and skeletor terror claws, saurod, etc
    it was awesome when i first saw mosquitor, i wanted him so much but i bought him in the year 2000 when i wanted to complete my collection
    i really didnt like that the staction her chest was withouth that blood efect, looked so dry, and rio blast desing didnt like it neighter,
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    Mosquitor has been my most anticipated figure since the line first started. He's actually the one MOTU figure I kept displaying long after I was too 'old' to have toys out anymore.

    He definitely is one of the more interesting looking figures both visually and action figure wise. How anyone could not find his blood pumping action feature fun and cool, I'll never know.

    At least his vintage counterpart was cool, his 2K2 interpretation was simply awful and ridiculous looking. I'm hoping that when he does make it to MOTUC form that the 4H are told not to add any of their unnecessary touches to him. Just keep him simple like his vintage counterpart.

    I do hope that when they get to him story wise, that they use his mini-comic origin and don't create something entirely new and strange. I always enjoyed knowing he was a product of Horde science, was a loyal villain and that he and Dragstor didn't get along.

    Though Mosquitor is my favorite character of them all, I know it's only a matter of time before we get him so there's no point in constantly sounding off about how we should have him now, like people do for certain 12-back characters.
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    He's cool enough as one of the Darker vintage characters. He wasn't one of my favourites as a kid growing up but I did like him and would love a MOTUC. I'm probably one of the only ones who would be fine getting him without the liquid if that's a stumbling block to his creation.

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    I also oved mosquitor and the staction made him even cooler, that's what I miss about the unique parts thing the horsemen really delivered a lot of character to the concepts they came from. with classics it's more challenging but I think thus far they've done pretty well, I don't think any of the classics lack personality, but the stactions especially had it in spades. personally in terms of execution the staction line was the best version of MOTU with only he-man being trumped buy the classics version.
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    I never had mosquitor as a kid. It wasn't until I started collecting that I obtained him, but when I did I thought he was a pretty bad ass character.

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    I was never very keen on him, his body was to big and his legs to small. The new figure will probably be better though. Staction was pretty cool. I always thought he should of had wings especially as none of the evil teams have fliers like the Heroic warriors do.

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    I had him as a kid and I really loved his feature. His blood chest feature was cool. As a kid, I really had fun with him.

    I know he'll get released eventually, just hang in there Dan.
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    I do like him but there's other Horde members I'd prefer first.

    Quote Originally Posted by RageTreb View Post
    Something that occurred to me recently is they'll probably give Mosquitor those extra limbs that Webstor and Buz-Off have.
    I hope so and removable tanks on his back as well. The staction rocked!
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    I want him, and will take him at any time, but would prefer Leech, Mantenna, and Modulok first. Still, I want him, and if he were the May figure, that'd be cool with me.
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    I just don't like it and I will not buy Mosquitor

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    My favorite badguys as a kid were always the Evil Horde. Something about the dark, somewhat more scary designs of them struck a chord in me. I guess it's partially because kids tend to love monsters, and Hordak's crew always looked the most monstrous.

    Now, by the time Mosquitor came out (which was 1988 in Swedish stores), I was kind of done with MOTU. I was getting more Transformers by that time, and only got a few figures from the last wave. However, Mosquitor was one figure that I saw in the pull-page toy ads in comics at the time that I really felt look awesome. Sadly, I never found one in the stores before MOTU was gone...

    Now, I want all the Horde characters, and Mosquitor is part of that. So yes, I do love him despite never owning him and I want him a lot.

    And I agree, he should have (removable) blood tanks on his back!

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    He saw a lot of play when I was a kid and he's still high on my list now.

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    I'm surprised that Pixel Dan hasn't commented yet?!?!?!?!!!!?? Maybe he's still having a joy-gasm, from there being a Mosquitor topic??
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    I greatly enjoyed Mosquitor as a kid, he was one of the best of the "end of the line."
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    I never had 'em when I was a kid, and none of my friends had 'em either. I've never even held him in my hand before! He looks cool, and they certainly put a lot of detail into him. I'm looking forward to him for the very fact that I never had 'em. I always like the stuff that is bascially new to me.
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    Mosquitor rules! He's a creepy, evil mosquito guy who sucks "energy" (aka BLOOD) from his victims. What's not to love?


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    Where are you hiding Dan? You need to tell all the haters why Mosquitor rocks!

    Personally, I'm a huge Horde & villain fan, so I can't wait for this guy!

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    Well Mosquitor sucks and Sy-Klone blows
    Mosquitor is a cool figure, but Sy-Klone is way cooler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpia View Post
    Has Dan's love for the character made him a cult favourite, because of his video reviews? Or contraversially, has this made the Org biased?! (one poster even said they wouldn't buy the character but would vote for him for Dan's sake!).

    Admittedly, he's not pitted against the most challenging contestants - Rokkon, Hoove, Hunga the Harpy and the Oracle - but what do you think?

    Yes and yes. That's just logic. If Dan were pushing for Stonedar, for example, a bunch of online followers would be jonesing for that figure. It's just how things work. It's like show biz or politics: tell the people something is good or cool, and many will believe that.

    I don't say any of this in a nasty way... Mosquitor IS a cool figure, so it's not like Dan or anyone else would have a difficult time getting people to get behind the push to make the figure happen soon, especially when you consider the other figures in that poll (though, admittedly, I'd pick them in this order: Hunga, Rokkon, The Oracle, Mosquitor, Hoove). I really liked him as a kid - it's always hard for me to pick favorites in the line, but the end of the line had such a huge amount of amazing imagination/play potential. With the Eternia, Grayskull, Snake Mountain, and Fright Zone playsets, and things like Point Dread, The slime Pit, Blasterhawk, Fright Fighter, etc. all set up in my room, the figures like Randor, The Sorceress, Clamp Champ, Mosquitor, Extendar, Gwildor, the Snake Men, etc., all got a LOT of really cool play. Mosquitor was among those...

    Any figures that played in the Eternia Towers have extra special memories for me.

    Mosquitor is an awesome character, and a great figure. The online buzz helps though.
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    He was one of the few that I never had, but always wanted...

    Also, yeah.... he doesn't hae much competition in that poll, THough I DID have Rokkon and look forward to him coming out

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    I have below zero interest in this figure. One of the many late-wave vintage characters that I never knew existed....a cool concept, but has no nostalgia or cool modern MYP appearance to catch my interest.

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    How has Pixel Dan not replied yet? Either he hasn't seen it, or he was too disgusted that such a question was asked!

    Mosquitor actually came after I had already moved on to other things as a kid, so he's one I never got until I started collecting the vintage figures again in the mid 90's. He doesn't have that nostalgic connection for me obviously, but I still think he's one of the best of the later release figures. To me he was one of the few that kept the imagination of the earlier stuff.

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    I hope for those who really want Mosquitor we see him. To be honest, he's not one of my most anticipated.

    While he's got an interesting and creepy design, he seemed a bit....redundant. His ability is to suck the "energy" (blood) out of his advesaries, but that ability was something we already had in Leech. I guess it doesn't hurt to have two blood suckers on the team, but it always kind of bugged me I guess.

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    I always loved Mosquitor so I'm glad that he's getting some support no matter what the reason. I still love Dragstor more, I just wish he got more love.
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