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Thread: Masters of the Universe 30th Anniversary Glasses(Toon Tumblers)!!!

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    The Beastman glass is pretty honkin' awesome.

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    Is anybody that is actually using these awesome glasses having issues with the pictures coming off? My Teela glass is the worst victim, Orko has almost disappeared and Battle Cat is vanishing and now Teela's right shoulder and left elbow is gone. My He-Man has minimal wear on the background characters and only a speck of an elbow is gone. Beast Man's background characters are missing a couple of lines and Skeletor has no noticeable issues.

    We hand wash them all and even have a bunch of KISS glasses that we have been using longer and they have no blemishes. I only decided to use them to justify buying them (plus lack of display space) and to be able to share my love of MOTU with other people.
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    My gut, for whatever reason, told me these might wear out faster than the stuff produced back in the 80s. I'm still hoping that's not the same fate everyone is experiencing with the tumblers.

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    Bummer to hear some folks are having issues with the art coming off upon use! I'm holding off on using them for the time being, but may do so indefinitely if this is a widespread issue with them.....

    I would LOVE some more characters being released on tumblers!!! 4 characters is NOT ENOUGH

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    I actually purchased them with the intent to only display them. Sorry to hear some have had issues with wear after use.
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    My teela is missing her body but the others are fine.
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    I think they look real cool!

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