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Thread: MOTU Classics Stinkor Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixel Dan View Post
    On the forearm issue: I just heard back from Scott. This is what he found out:

    "I checked with design and it actually was not a mistake but a deliberate way to differentiate Stinkor due to the heavy use of shared parts. Design discussed as a team and found that you could swap the gloves to create a slightly different look. They wanted to give Stinkor something extra since he is basically Mer-Manís head on Beastmanís body and Mekaneckís armor (even though we havenít done Mek yet but you know what I mean!~). Much like painting Sorceressí wings blue this was one way of making the toy pop a bit and be different on shelf. For reference, we also did this on BG Evil Lynn to much success!"

    So official word from Mattel is that this was intentional.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slayor View Post
    I'm not digging the forearms. They absolutely look reversed. If this was an intentional design choice, it was a poor one. The curvature of the muscles is all wrong now. The picture on the left is the proto and the one on the right is the production figure. There's a noticeable difference in the shape of the musculature. The production version looks reversed. Mattel's design team isn't familiar with anatomy?
    Wow. THIS comparison pic is worth 1000+ words. I can totally see yet another MAJOR DESIGN/AESTHETIC ERROR!

    He really does look all kinds of... backwards.

    This lack of QUALITY CONTROL in this line is getting depressing. (Sorry Four Horsemen, all your care in design and attention to detail, just thrown out the window... )
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    Quote Originally Posted by He-Boy View Post
    I wonder if the cost involved with reversing these arms could have been spent on adding a paint app to the weapons.
    It was its the fact Stinkor comes with so many extra parts that we lost the paint apps
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