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    Masters COMIC Cast - Podcast about 2012 MOTU Comics

    Welcome to Masters Comic Cast!

    The monthly Podcast dedicated to the New Masters of the Universe comics!

    The premise is simple; each month your hosts AlternativeMindz, Jukka and joseephus
    will take one of the new comics about Masters of the Universe and discuss it at length.
    From the 3 mini-comics by Dark Horse to the 6-issue mini-series by DC Comics.
    Each episode will focus on one comic.

    Whenever a new comic is released during 2012, an episode of Masters Comic Cast is soon to follow.

    ** NOTE: While the hosts will talk about their first impressions upon receiving the comic,
    the episodes will contain spoilers about the storylines and any rumors the hosts might have heard.

    iTunes link

    • Episode 01 - Introductions

    Topics discussed:
    • Hosts introductions
    • What we know so far from comic-news (SDCC 2011, MTV Geek interview, Scott's comments at Mattycollector)
    • Expectations for the comics

    What we learn:
    • Joe reeeally wants confirmation for Randor >< Keldor brotherhood
    • Rob places bets for DC Comics story being in MOTUC canon
    • Jukka is a fan of Preternia but fears for the mini-comics

    Direct link to Episode 01 [mp3-file]

    Duration: 1h 45min


    • Episode 02 - Powers of Grayskull Mini-Comic Part 1

    This time gang discuss Powers of Grayskull mini-comic part 1 for the Masters of the Universe Classics!
    Special guest "Pixel Dan" Eardley joins to give his input!

    Direct link to Episode 02 [mp3-file]

    Duration: 1h 53min


    • Episode 03 - Listener E-Mails

    This time the gang are discussing Fan Mail and are down one co-host with Jukka not being able to keep the peace.

    Will chaos prevail?

    Direct link to Episode 03 - Fan Mail [mp3-file]

    Duration: 50 min


    • Episode 04 - Powers of Grayskull Mini-Comic Part 2

    This time gang discuss Powers of Grayskull mini-comic part 2 for the Masters of the Universe Classics!
    With again a Special guest on the show! Danielle "Penny Dreadful" Gelehrter joins the guys to chime in with
    the discussion of He-Man's continued adventure in Preternia!

    Direct link to Episode 04 [mp3-file]

    Duration: 2h 04min


    • Episode 05 - DC MOTU Digital Comic #1 - "The Lost Knight"

    DC Digital First(!) gets Rob, Joe and Jukka talking about Sir-Laser-Lot's story and how it connects to printed DC Comic,
    MOTUC canon and everything under the sun!

    Direct link to Episode 05 [mp3-file]

    Duration: 1h 46min


    • Episode 06 - DC MOTU Digital Comic #2 - "Man-At-Arms" and SDCC Talk

    The guys talk all the SDCC reveals and then turn their gazes on DC Digital Issue #2 with Man-At-Arms going
    up against the Knoll-Clan! Special guest on this episode is Dylan Cook (From "What the Shell" podcast) and he gives his
    views on Man-At-Arms' armor and the anatomy on Sorceress!

    Episode has SDCC talk at the beginning and Digital Comic discussion starts at 1h 20min mark!

    Direct link to Episode 06 [mp3-file]

    Duration: 3h 21min


    iTunes link

    Send us e-mail or comment via @MOTUComicCast and we will read them on the podcast. We'd love to hear any comments and feedback!

    Individual twits: @AltMindz, @ToonJukka and @JoeAmato2!

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