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Honestly, I became a big fan of your Podcast guys from day one, it's sooo refreshing and unique. It's a great mix of Rob's hilarious standup comedy like questionnaires, Joe's brilliant rants and Jukka's very cool animated robotic analysis. Having also occasional guests like Dan and Danielle will only add to the mushy mix for even a more enjoyable experience. Keep up the great work and will definitely look forward to the next ring bashing (ehm, I mean constructive critiquing) rounds...
We try not to bash too harshly but in truth, we are trying to make a entertaining podcast for the listeners. yet if there is something silly or right out dumb im calling bull crap on it.

icome from a comic book background (similar to Val but im no artist) so when i see written mistakes in editorial. i have to bash and bash harshly.

hope you all keep enjoying the rants and raves