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Thread: New documentary for a possible 25th anniversary Masters of the Universe 87 Movie DVD

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    New documentary for a possible 25th anniversary Masters of the Universe 87 Movie DVD

    Just got in touch with the folks from the TOY MASTERS documentary and Gary Goddard, and they gave us some interesting news:
    Over the last couple months Gary Goddard -- the director of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: THE MOTION PICTURE, and Roger Lay Jr -- the director of the upcoming documentary feature film TOY MASTERS had been working on producing an all new documentary which focuses on the difficulties faced by cast and crew during the making of MOTU: THE MOTION PICTURE. The live action film was produced in 1986-1987 during the later days of the toy line when sales had begun to decline drastically and to make matters worse the film was being produced by Cannon Films - a studio that was on it's way to going out of business. Goddard had to face these and other major challenges on a daily basis to complete the film. This new documentary would've revealed those details through a series of all new interviews with the film's key creative personnel and cast members.

    Last year Lay and Goddard began discussions to develop and produce a new version of Goddard's cult classic science fiction series CAPTAIN POWER AND THE SOLDIERS OF THE FUTURE. The first step to reintroduce the franchise was to release the classic episodes on DVD so Lay set out to produce a 25th anniversary DVD set of the complete series with over 6 hours of all new special features including the feature length documentary OUT OF THE ASHES: THE MAKING OF CAPTAIN POWER AND THE SOLDIERS OF THE FUTURE. The 25th anniversary DVD went on to receive an overwhelmingly positive series of reviews and quickly sold out at the distributor level. The set has now gone into a second printing. Inspired by the success of the CAPTAIN POWER DVD set Goddard approached Warner Home Video about re-releasing the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE film on DVD for it's 25th anniversary including all the new special features he and Lay had begun working on. Even Bryan Singer (Director, X-MEN, USUAL SUSPECTS) agreed to come onboard to moderate an all new commentary track with Goddard and Frank Langella (Skeletor).After months of communication and positive response from the studio, Goddard was told that they would not move forward with their plan to re-issue the film at the moment.

    Both Lay and Goddard were immensely disappointed since they had begun compiling and creating a plethora of all new content which would have made this reissue a very special DVD for fans of the film and the Masters franchise.

    Here's a short sample of the new documentary that was meant to be the centerpiece of the new DVD reissue of the film. If the new anniversay DVD won't be released, Lay still plans on including this material in the special features of his upcoming TOY MASTERS film when it is released on DVD / BLU-RAY.

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    I don't care...

    I love this movie...I still think its great!
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    Gah!! This would have been a dream come true for me.

    We should start an email campaign to WB telling them we want this film re-released.
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    Sad news about the DVD release, but I'm excited the material will see the light of day.

    Still hoping we'll get a screening of Toy Masters at Powercon.
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    I wonīt see it!!

    When I first saw this movie I was 11 years old!! Actually I liked the film, but not soo much!!
    Today I have the DVD of this film!! The last time I watched was last year and honestly I think itīs a terrible movie...
    I know the movie tecnology in 80s were not the same we have today... but the storie coming to earth... "the boyfriends storie"... the "boy band storie", so commom in 80s... itīs so trash (it remembers me teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 with Vanilla Ice !!!
    In my opinion, in a time were children used to watch movies like Conan, Robocop, Indiana Jones, the Goonies, Aliens and Predators, they could shot a better movie than this movie was made!!

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    I remember reading about how the film was in trouble, but I never really knew how bad it was until I saw that youtube clip. I got to give Gary props. He made a decent movie from what he had to work with. If MOTU ever goes back to the movies, I hope Gary gets another shot at it. He deserves it.
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    I donīt want that movie on DVD at all!

    I want it on Blu-Ray!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimPansen View Post
    I donīt want that movie on DVD at all!

    I want it on Blu-Ray!!!

    It would make sense to release it on Blu-Ray and include the documentary with it, since the film hasn't been released on the format yet.

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    This footage would totally be at home in the new Cannon Films documentary that's currently in production...

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    Exactly. If the plan was to just do another DVD release, I'm glad that they didn't go through with it. It's appalling to release anything shot and edited on film on a format that is a lower resolution than any television produced today--and less than half the resolution of most! It infuriates me when studios do that. "New bonus features! Half the pixels it takes to fill your screen!" A new DVD would have just delayed the eventual Blu Ray release, so maybe they're just waiting to do it right.

    The flip side of that is that if they didn't do an HD master/transfer when they did the first DVD release, they'd have to do one for Blu Ray now. They might not have thought it was worth the expense, and in that case, we might be kinda screwed for a while.

    Does anyone know if any 720 HD airings have happened? That would probably indicate that a 1080 master is out there.

    Quote Originally Posted by JimPansen View Post
    I donīt want that movie on DVD at all!

    I want it on Blu-Ray!!!

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    I hope they don't use the same DVD manufacturer as Captain Power and Skeleton Warriors. It seems like half the people that got the Captain Power and Skeleton Warriors DVD sets couldn't get them to play on their DVD or blu-ray players.

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    If they are waiting for the reasons you all mentioned, that makes sense. Still, this is a bummer we won't get it this year for the 25th anniversary of the film.
    that video got me all excited to see more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spoogyrm View Post
    Does anyone know if any 720 HD airings have happened? That would probably indicate that a 1080 master is out there.
    Yes on some HD channel. I actually have a recording on it on my computer. It really looks awesome in HD!

    It's time to Blu-Ray Special Edition.. bring it on!
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    This youtube clip was really interesting, I would love to see more of this kind of footage.
    The director doesn't give a lot of praise to Dolph, I thought Lundgren made a great He-Man, and he had the right look, and size to play him.
    Maybe the trouble they had with getting paid etc and all the pressure on set was the reason Dolph said way back in the day that it was a low point for him?
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    I really enjoyed that 'clip' from the documentary and would love to hear more (via commentary, featurettes, documentary, etc) about the film as Goddard is really engaging in his discussion.

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    I have always loved this movie, Frank Langella and Meg Foster were awesome. But after this clip, I have so much more respect for it. I could only imagine what kind of film we would have gotten if they had a stronger budget and less restrictions from Mattel. I am surprised that if Mattel paid for the whole thing, then why don't they have any rights? Mattel should sue the lawyer who did their contracts with Canon back in the day.

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    Great footage, I wish there was more to view. I do feel bad for Dolph now. I didn't know it was a, well we're stuck with him, kind of situation. You'll always be He-Man to me Dolph!

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    My guess is if there's ever a new movie (hope there will be), then WB will take the opportunity then to release it on DVD and Blu Ray.

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    Awesome news that we'll at least get to see this on the Toy Masters DVD special features. But boo @ the studio. First they scoff at Mattel's offer for movie characters and now this. They're ruining the 25th and 30th anniversary.

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