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    God save the Queen

    This is a Christianization of the MOTU-verse, this is not a Christian debate or discussion, so I hope that it can be left here. If you have questions or suggestions, please let me know. I plan to update and add to this as bio's are introduced. The events of this story take place partly in the upper left corner of the Eternia map, during the exile. Please do leave feedback for the story itself (not for your opinion of me or of Christianity, that's relegated to the tar swamp alone).

    4/18/12 God save the Queen

    Chapter I: Back Story and Setting

    As a young girl, Marlena Glenn was raised to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and the only saviour of mankind. However, in her late teens and early twenties, the strong opinions and seemingly endless “evidences” presented by her teachers and peers against her faith caused her to slowly creep away from it.

    Fast forward to her time as a space explorer, Marlena prepares for the inaugural voyage aboard an experimental warp ship. With her bags packed and ready to go, Marlena’s mother snuck a copy of the Book of her original faith into her luggage. This voyage ended with her remaining on Eternia to marry captain Randor, who would fast become King of Eternia. Marlena soon discovered the book that her mother had hidden among her things; and though she would have likely thrown it out under normal circumstances, being far from home on another planet left her with a strong desire to cherish all that she had brought from her home world. Queen Marlena soon gave birth to twin children. Princess Adora being kidnapped by the ruthless Hordak left only Prince Adam to remain on Eternia as heir to the throne, until a later reunion would bring them together again.

    After Skeletor finally succeeded in his overthrow of the kingdom, and after the masters had been chased into exile, something curious began to stir within Eternia’s fallen Queen. After receiving a vision through a dream, in which she saw Eternia’s salvation coming from a Book, and having recognized the Book as the one that her mother had left to her, she desired it fervently, but she kept the vision to herself. Unfortunately, the Book had been lost in the siege, and she wasn’t even sure if it had survived the attacks. Meanwhile, the dreams and visions persisted.

    Chapter II: The Thorn in the Spiders Paw

    [This was written the day that Masters of the universe Classics brand manager Scott Neitlich released the Webstor blog entry, but this story was written just before that entry was released. It was not planned; it was just a “coincidence.”] Being led unknowingly by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness; for what reason, she did not know, Marlena was suddenly discovered by a giant arachnid of the species that Webstor’s people use as beasts of burden and for warfare. The enormous beast had her cornered and was about to sink its fangs into her, when a name that she had not spoken since her early childhood suddenly leapt into her mind. “JESUS!!!” she cried with a loud voice! The beast suddenly fell into a deep sleep. The Spirit of God was fast upon the Queen and she stooped to pray and to give God the Glory for saving her. She felt a great sadness for whom she had neglected all these years, and at the same time a tremendous joy that she had rediscovered Him. Or should it be said that He sought her? It was as if all the time between her childhood spent in belief, and this moment had never existed. Suddenly God was real again, and He was right by her side. And now all of the dreams and visions began to make sense.

    Unbeknownst to her, Webstor had been setting booby traps in the forest just outside of Skeletor’s conquest city of Avion. He stumbled onto Marlena before she had her encounter with certain doom, so he had been discretely following her. He waited to kidnap her in order to discover what her purpose was, or to perhaps discover the location of the Master’s hiding place. Webstor, knowing the methods of the beast had intended to let the creature deliver one bight in order to temporarily paralyze the Queen, since it bights once to paralyze, in order to wrap up it’s meals without a fight, to then later inject the diluting venom for digestion. Allowing it to deliver its first bight would make it easier for Webstor to deliver her to Skeletor. After seeing the drama unfold, and watching for a moment as she prayed, he began to see what appeared to be light emanating from her. With the power of the Name that she called upon, and the strange power that seemed to be coming from her, Webstor began to tremble in fear, so he quickly and quietly swung back to Avion. Being convinced that no one would believe his story, and that Skeletor would certainly punish him for passing on a hostage with so much leverage potential, Webstor kept these things to himself, but pondered them with a great intensity.

    One day, being heavy with contemplation over these events, Webstor was whipped into frenzy over the bickering among the evil warriors, which made it impossible for him to think. Needing piece and quiet he spun off through the forest to his usual alcove, high atop the Mystic Mountains. As he was contemplating the things that he saw, a sudden and seemingly unprovoked rockslide pinned him under a large pile of heavy rocks, leaving him unable to escape.

    Back at the Tundaria stronghold, Marlena received a vision in a dream. She saw someone trapped under rocks in the Mystic Mountains, but she couldn’t tell who it was: she had thought it was a friend or perhaps a loved one. Being awakened she immediately assembled a team for mountain reconnaissance, but she didn’t explain why. She chose the Palace Guards with the most climbing experience, and Stratos for his ability to secure ropes for the med team to climb. Along with them went a few long-range fighters; Bow, Flipshot and a couple of rifle Guards, as well as some short-range fighters; Fisto, Mossman, Zodak, and some close combat Guards; to secure the base of the mountain where they would be climbing.

    It was a long journey to the mountains, and they needed to travel at night, since they would certainly be spotted in the day light, them being so close to Skeletor’s base at Avion. Since being in isolation has it’s numbing effects on the mind and body, the team was quite eager to shove off, and so they did. Moving quietly through the night, at the edges of the forest, to avoid stumbling onto dangerous creatures, they made their way toward their destination. As was expected, they ran into a little trouble, in that a rogue Shadow Beast buffeted them. Bow proved to be an excellent choice for the journey, as he drew a knockout arrow from his quiver. Unfortunately, thanks to the darkness of night and a bit of hurriedness due to the fear of being captured, Bow drew a “fondness arrow” by mistake, and the beast became docile, but also a bit “clingy”. Luckily it wasn’t rutting season for the animal, so she wasn’t attracting male Shadow Beasts.

    Finally, only an hour from daybreak they reached their destination. Upon arrival, the team realized that they had yet to be told why they were there, or where exactly they were needed, so they asked. Marlena then realized that she didn’t know exactly where to go either, so she prayed quickly, and looking up noticed a fire in a high alcove. Pointing to it, she said, “That’s where we’re going.” Looking for themselves, the team saw nothing but night, and wondered how Marlena knew all of this. But, trusting their Queen and knowing that they needed to move quickly the fighter teams sought out a good place in the rocks where they could rest during the day, to await their nighttime return journey home, while Stratos secured the rope for the med team to access the injured person. After equipping their ascenders the med team, along with Marlena, made their way to the top of the rope.

    Having finally reached their target, they were all stunned to find an enemy, and not a friend. Even Marlena was surprised at this, but she was also quite certain that this is who they were sent for, having been given the vision in a dream. As they stood there, they noticed that Webstor’s many eyes were fixed like stone upon the Queen, and they marveled as he began to quake. Finally he spoke and said, “I was there when you put the Arachnid to sleep.” She realized now why he seemed to fear her, but she was still unaware that he perceived a powerful light around her, even in this very moment. As the team began to work to free Webstor, Marlena stooped to speak with him. She asked what he was doing there and how he became trapped. He explained that he was heavy with contemplation of the events in the forest, and he described to her the light that he saw.

    It was almost daylight and Webstor was finally freed from the rocks, miraculously without injury. He stood at the entrance of the alcove and turned to the Queen. He stared at her in silence for just a moment. After this he turned away from her and said, “I won’t be burdened with a debt to an enemy. What can I do for you? Ask one thing, but then I’m free.” As if a bright light had suddenly shined in her mind, the Book was illuminated. She described the book to him, and asked him to find it, and to bring it back to the alcove, since she could not give away the Masters location. Without a word he leapt out, and stopped his descent by shooting a web onto a very high tree branch. This took the ground team by surprise, as they had not even been told who was being rescued, since they were refraining from making unnecessary noise and com-chatter. Every fighter readied his arms, and focused them tightly on the spidearian as he hung from the tree. He glared at them squinting, and then he turned and swung away.

    Now it was morning, and the team rested in their secure location until nightfall, at which time they made their way back to base. Stratos was chosen to stay behind and wait for the Book, and all of the provisions were left with him. Several days had passed, giving him time to contemplate things. ”How did she know Webstor was there? And why did she only ask for a book?” Just as the provisions were exhausted, Webstor finally made good on his debt. He entered the rock, and walked slowly nearer to his enemy, with only the slightest hint of uneasiness. Holding onto the Book, he and Stratos stared at each other, contemplating this encounter, as neither of them felt any danger while they thought on what all of this could mean. Receiving the Book, Stratos began to casually make his way to the edge of the rock to fly away. He feels like something needs to be said, but he just can’t think of the words, so he leans forward to fly off. Just then, Webstor shoots a web at Stratos’ back. Stratos, still not on guard, calmly turned his head slightly to the side. “Listen to your Queen,” said the spider. With a smirk on his face, Stratos plucks the webbing from his flight pack, and flies away.

    Chapter III: A New Story

    Over the next several months, Marlena Glenn spent nearly all of her time with this Book, and the Holy Spirit was strong with her to open up the passages to her understanding. As she learned, so she taught. And many signs and wonders accompanied her as well. She healed the sick, and she cast out demons. She even spoke with languages that she had not previously known. Among what she learned from the Book was the unholy nature of the occult.

    As Adam listened to his mother, he grew increasingly concerned for the sorceress, now learning that her power was from darkness, though it was unbeknownst to her. Adam brought this new knowledge to the sorceress, which knowledge was so foreign to her that she rejected it initially. But after Adam had made this known to her, she began to be plagued by dreams. Her dreams were different from those of Marlena’s however, these were of dark shadows attempting to consume her, and they plagued her every night. After she made these dreams known to Adam, he prayed for her to have her eyes opened. The very next night, Teela-Na, the sorceress, dreamed that a pure power was emanating from Marlena. This power was truly life giving, and it made all things whole, but it did not originate from Marlena Glenn.

    Waking from this new dream, she called for the Queen to come to her, and to bring the source of her power. Marlena came, and she brought the Book, along with her increasing knowledge of its contents. She explained that the source from which the sorceress received her power was actually the source of darkness, and not light. She also explained that this Saviour of mankind was the Light of Life. The sorceress was faced with the difficult decision to lay down a great source of power that she perceived to be a major part of who she was. Her ultimate concern being what’s best for the kingdom of Eternia, she laid down her power, knowing that it came from darkness. Marlena prayed that Teela-Na would receive the Holy Spirit, and she did. In fact, she was given every gift of the Spirit, and in greater quantity than all others, for she had laid down great power in favor of the Truth, and she was rewarded for this. In a vision she was lead to change the color of her apparel to white, and thus she was no longer a symbol of a carnivorous falcon, but of the pure white dove of the Holy Spirit.

    One of the first things that Teela-Na sought knowledge of was the true nature of Castle Greyskull, and the powers that it contained. Before she had begun to read the Book for herself, she received a word by a vision, “Golgotha.” This was a word that she did not know, though it stuck with her, and she kept this in her heart.

    The Book was being printed on presses secretly, right under the evil warriors noses, and Teela-Na soon became one of the most learned scholars of this Book. As she studied, she learned that Golgotha was the place where Christ was crucified, and that it means “the place of a skull.” Suddenly it started to come to light, but it still wasn’t fully understood. After all, the power itself was previously called magic, which was now laid down for it’s dark nature. She began to consider the origin of the sword of power, as the Green goddess had given it. Knowing that there are no goddesses in the Scriptures, and that the serpent had tricked the woman Eve in the Garden of Eden, telling her that she would "be like God" if she ate of the fruit, Teela-Na now saw the so called goddess, dressed in the serpents attire, for what she really was. From this time on she was known as the Green godless. They also learned that this godless woman was actually a priestess of Serpos, who was discovered to be the Eternian name given to the serpent of the Garden. Through knowledge of the Scriptures as well as dreams and visions, they discovered that the Sword of power was actually a literal representation of a spiritual Sword, which is the Word of God (the Book that Marlena had been supernaturally provided with), and the transformation that it performs. The techno harness was actually a cursed item to keep the eyes of its wearer in darkness, so the curse had to be removed by prayer. By lumping the divine Sword in with accursed magic, Serpos was attempting to cause the heroes to cast out the Good, with the evil, should they ever discover the truth about the dark source of magic, or that they would accept the evil with the Good, but the Truth never fails, and we serve a living God.

    Aside: The Nature of the Sword of Power

    The castle now called Golgotha was the seedbed for the Sword of Power. The spoken word is a physical representation of the need for speaking the words of faith through the testimony of Jesus Christ. God placed the seedbed and the seed long ago, as a sign to the people of Eternia who would eventually receive the Gospel of Salvation. Theirs is a different story from ours. Like us, they will face opposition from the powers of darkness. Unlike us, they were blessed by having their beloved Queen to be the original proponent of this message, which gave it excellent footing to take hold. Many would still reject the message, and many would cling to darkness for one reason or another, but many received the message, and power was given to them, and their works did prosper.
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