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    New custom MOTU Classics sales ads

    I wanted to try my hand at a few of the ads that used to be out, which I know everyone remembers, and I wanted to start with the new 2012 figures that I own.

    Starting with Sorceress & Fisto....I plan to make Shadow Weaver and Khan one, then TPHM & Draego.

    I hope you guys like, it took a while to do, but I am happy with the end results.

    Ads still needed, listed here

    I also have all of my ads on my Facebook collection page

    Edit 4/22/12: Added 4 new ones....More pics here (post #9).

    Shadow Weaver, Demo-Man, BG Evil-Lyn & Kobra Khan

    Edit 4/23/12: Added 4 new ones....More pics here (post #18)

    Man-E-Faces, BP She-Ra, Stinkor & Draego-Man

    Edit 4/24/12: Added 1 more....More pics here (post #26)

    Also re-posted corrected ads, and an edited the Fisto ad, to show the second head.

    Edit 4/27/12: Added 3 new ones....More pics here (post #37).

    Thunder Punch He-Man, Swiftwind & Hurricane Hordak

    Edit 5/2/12: Added 4 new ones....More pics here (post #45)

    Star Sisters, Snout Spout, Photog & Leech

    Edit 6/28/12: Added 2 new ones....More pics here (post #61)

    The Goddess & Wun-Dar

    Edit 7/5/12: Added 1 more....More pics here

    Shadow Beast

    Edit 7/31/12: Added 2 more....More pics here

    Mosquitor & RAM MAN!!!

    Edit 1/28/13: Added 2 new ones, finally....More pics here

    Granamyr & Netossa!!!

    Edit 1/29/13: Added 2 new ones, finally....More pics here (post #79)

    Horde Prime, SMAA, Spikor, Mekaneck, DB Skeletor, Frosta & EP Randor!!!

    Some of the pics I used for the ads came from, Poe Ghostal, It's All True & The Fwoosh's hard to find good full size pics of these things, thanks for the reviews that made the pics possible.
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    Recent.... HATMOTU Beast Man & Evil Seed
    Wanted.... Filmation Mer-Man, Teela & Sorceress
    Needed.... MOTUC Lord Masque

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