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Thread: Stridor/Night Stalker Speculation Thread

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    Stridor/Night Stalker Speculation Thread

    I'm anticipating the inclusion of these two war horses, if you will, into the Classics line and believe they each warrant a spot. A modern updated incarnation of both horses with the FH touch (and hopefully without QC issues from the factory) would, i feel, be awesome. The thought did cross my mind a while back that perhaps these two should have come out before any vehicle as obviously they share parts, whereas (not taking anything away from the WR) we saw the aftermath of the WR. Of course, this is debatable...

    I'm currently looking at the vintage horses now and to be honest, i prefer Night Stalker over Stridor (but not by much). I really like the black, gold and purple paint scheme and i can just imagine an update of this... I think Night Stalker should also come with a 'helmet'. Articulated legs are a must-have too, though that's most likely a given anyway.

    Price-wise, i'm guesstimating around the $35 mark. I'd also wonder how far back, if at all, their bios would have them date back to and possible links to Fisto and Jitsu like their vintage counter-parts? Anyway, what are your thoughts on Stridor and Night Stalker?
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    I hate mentioning it, but the possibility of cyborg looking "clip on armor and back saddle" could work very well over the standard swiftwind horse buck/body... alot would disapprove of this method...

    BUT I will explane why it would work.
    This method would require ALOT less toolin and as a simple clip together body cover for each section, as that would only be like 13 cover cliparound parts, and thats counting the 3 "plugged-in"" guns, plus it would also help "beef up" the size an more Robotic out the build of the body being done this way.

    Also the holes for the wings would provide a easy use lock in anchor for the clip over armor for the large torso/body.

    To date this method HAS been used with EXTREME success for clothing, and armored detailing on figures. Just look at alot of the figures their neck cover sculpting, armor, and clothing...

    We have already seen how EXCELLENT the quality of these that the 4H have created can look for the body armor/clothing clip-on accessories, so I would def buy this style of Stridor/NightStalker, as the 4H would NOT do it just half way.

    It would cover the body areas very well, I would expect it to clip together like the Marlenna "Queen gown", but for each area- torso, upper legs, middle legs, neck, head.

    I mean at BEST... new body sculpt parts would only be larger hoofs for each foot, a diffrent neck, and head.... rest could be recycled.
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    those cyber horses were so cool. got to have them.
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    Big yes to the horses, but a big no to the clip-on armor idea. These should be new tools. Characters sit in these; they don't straddle them!

    I wonder if Stridor will get his Filmation story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    Big yes to the horses, but a big no to the clip-on armor idea. These should be new tools. Characters sit in these; they don't straddle them!

    I wonder if Stridor will get his Filmation story.
    Exactly this. Fisto sits INSIDE Stridor. Its a FACT.
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    I'm ok with clip on style. I kinda dont expect to see them large enough to fit the lower half of a figure inside them. Not certain that would look so good.

    But I'm certainly open to them being done vintage. Just that I am open to either.

    I will say that I can never decide which I liked better, because as was mentioned I liked Night Stalker's colours more.

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    MOTUC Steeds

    Now that we have fisto and jitsu why not their steeds? Maybe as a beast two pack--that would be great!

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    I wonder if we'll ever see Stridor. I had him as a kid and would like to see him in this line, fully articulated!
    Maybe a good idea would be to release him with a Fisto redeco in the package--stripped down of the 200x gear, and with slightly redder hair, and maybe minicomic-looking armor? Just a thought--a lot of people are looking for a Fisto, and while it would add cost to the package, it could also help sales.

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    I really hope we get Stridor ans Night Stalker, they would be easy repaints and some people could even army build with Stridor's:

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    These would be my next "beast" wants. I don't really consider them as vehicles even though they kind of are. They are robotic but seem to have the personality of real horses to me.

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    Should be the next "Beast" slot in my view. I'd LOVE to see these guys.

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