UPDATE: April 18, 2018

From Super7:
"The Masters of the Universe Collector's Choice line continues with Stridor! By popular demand, Man-At-Arms' cybornetic creation, the Heroic Armored Warhorse that carried the mighty Fisto into battle is finally coming to life! Now is your chance to tame the mighty steed before he gallops off forever.

Stridor measures approximately 10-inches tall with multiple points of articulation.

Price: $60 per figure

Pre-sale starts on Wednesday - April 25th, 12noon PST and will be open until Wednesday - May 16th

Images shown are of the production figure and packaging.

Figures will begin shipping on Monday - July 23rd, which is the Monday after Team Super7 returns from San Diego Comic-Con!

The Stridor pre-sale store link will be posted next Wednesday."

UPDATE: April 16, 2018

"MOTU Monday

Back in the saddle... Coming next week."

I'm anticipating the inclusion of these two war horses, if you will, into the Classics line and believe they each warrant a spot. A modern updated incarnation of both horses with the FH touch (and hopefully without QC issues from the factory) would, i feel, be awesome. The thought did cross my mind a while back that perhaps these two should have come out before any vehicle as obviously they share parts, whereas (not taking anything away from the WR) we saw the aftermath of the WR. Of course, this is debatable...

I'm currently looking at the vintage horses now and to be honest, i prefer Night Stalker over Stridor (but not by much). I really like the black, gold and purple paint scheme and i can just imagine an update of this... I think Night Stalker should also come with a 'helmet'. Articulated legs are a must-have too, though that's most likely a given anyway.

Price-wise, i'm guesstimating around the $35 mark. I'd also wonder how far back, if at all, their bios would have them date back to and possible links to Fisto and Jitsu like their vintage counter-parts? Anyway, what are your thoughts on Stridor and Night Stalker?