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Thread: Wouldn't Granamyr Be Able To Cure Snake Man-At-Arms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Justice View Post
    I can't wait to see Granamyr's bio. I mean Snake MAA was a 200x character, and Granamyr did not exist in 200x, dragon's did not even talk. And though the cartoons are all merging in this toyline, it has never been touched upon if animals can talk, like Cringer. But since Granamyr is coming, I have to say Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Daniel Bryan! Yes! Yes! Yes!
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    A spell from that wuss Skeletor is different from a spell from King Hsss (poisoned the Sorceress) or Hordak (separated the planet).

    Granamyr probably couldn't change Man-At-Arms back if the Sorceress couldn't cure herself with all of the magic tomes of Grayskull at her disposal. King Hsss' magic is as ancient as the Elder's. He-Man had to time travel in order to discover the secret of how to beat Hsss, knowledge that Granamyr probably doesn't have. Besides, the Dragons of Darksmoke were at war with King Grayskull and the Snake Men, proving that King Hsss has staying power against Granamyr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    ...I want a Crystal MAA. You guys reminded me!
    An entire figure made of transparent plastic? It would shatter in your hands.

    I don't think anything can save Snake Man-At-Arms. He is destined to be the worst Classics variant ever - a green Frankenstein.

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    Some of you guys kill me. The transluscent plastic was never the problem-it was the plastic of her hips and inner joints. The transluscent plastic was as pliable as any other figure-so yes-give me Crystal MAA!
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    Yes I would think he could break the snake spell. But then, as previous posters have said, then he could also wipe out the Snake army. Perhpas he figures into the part where He-Man went to Preternia and came back with the knowledge of how to defeat King Hiss. Maybe? But at the very least yes, I would assume his power to be able to reverse the Snake Effect. Which reminds me, how was Teela turned back in the 200x series? I haven't seen any episodes dealing with that yet.....

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