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Thread: Grayskull Convention 2012 in Europe - Tickets on sale now!

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    Grayskull Convention 2012 in Europe - Tickets on sale now!

    He-Fans and She-Ravers,

    itīs that time of the year again, when we announce the annual European MOTU fan-gathering called Grayskull Con!

    This years Grayskull Con will be held in Bergneustadt near Cologne from the 31st of August to 2nd of September.
    And to celebrate both 30 years of He-Man overall (YEAH!) and 10 years of 200x (also YEAH!), here are some details of our amazing program:


    • James "Busta Toons" Eatock
      James is one of those people that most, if not every MOTU fan worldwide knows, so instead of a long introduction, here are some words associated with James:
      The Power and Honor Foundation, Cereal:Geek, The unofficial cartoon guide, Busta Toons Blogspot, Filmation know-it-all.
      Things to expect from James: live-audiocommentaries, autographs, limited edition artprints, Cereal:Geek magazines, massive insider knowledge, "Beat the Geek" quizshow, and an overall fantastic guy to hang around with!
    • John F. Carroll
      John is the writer, producer and director of the US-based MOTU Fanfilm trilogy including "The Wizard of Stone Mountain" (WOSM), "The Fountain of Life" (FOL) and "The Trials of Darksmoke" (TRIALS). He also plays "Malik", the Wizard of Stone Mountain himself.
      Thins to expect from John: World Premiere of the second part of his fanfilm trilogy "The Fountain of Life", Fanfilm trilogy merchandise, movie props, cameo-shootings for the third film and a live-audiocommentary for the first film "WOSM". He will be accompanied by:
    • Bridget Farias
      The lovely Texan actress plays the part of Kareen in the fanfilm trilogy. Both Bridget and John are thrilled to be with us in Germany to not only celebrate 30 years of He-Man, but to show their latest movie to the public for the first time.
      Things to expect from Bridget: live-audiocommentary on WOSM as mentioned before, autographs, lots of background information on acting in a MOTU fanfilm.
    • Engelbert von Nordhausen
      Engelbert is the German voice-actor of Frank "Skeletor" Langella in the 1987 MOTU live-action movie. This is the second time Engelbert will be with us and he is very much looking forward to meeting all the fans again!
      Things to expect from Engelbert: readings, live-audioplay on stage, autographs (do we really need to mention this every time? ^^), LOTS of insider knowledge and stories from the glamorous world of dubbing and a workshop on voice acting.
    • Jukka Issakainen
      Jukka, also known as "Jukka" on the .org forums ;-) where he also is a moderator, recently started to compile all his expert knowledge about 200x into a really cool blog. Heīs got stories and a massive knowledge about all things 200x to share.
      Things to expect: panel about 200x comics and cartoon
    • Sebastian "Reilly" Vogl
      Sebastian, also known as "Sir Reilly" on the .org forums, is - much like James and Jukka - a walking encyclopedia on all things MOTU, and since heīs such a nice guy, heīs willing to share all this knowledge :-) Heīs also a regular on the German podcast "Das He-Manische Quartett" and moderator on the German MOTU fansite
      Things to expect from Sebastian: panel on vintage comics, live-recordings of the Quartett podcast with interested fans
    • Wilfried A. Hary
      Wilfried is the author of German comic stories that got translated in 7 different languages and published all around the world. So chances are you have read some of his work already.
      Things to expect from Wilfried: panel on his comics and his work as a science-fiction/fantasy author in general
    • Sebastian Kempke
      Not having to do anything with MOTU in his career (yet) in the comic book industry doesnīt keep Sebastian from being a very talented comic book artist with a big love for MOTU.
      Things to expect from Sebastian: free sketches and drawings, and an exclusive minicomic for sale
    • Val "JVS3" Staples
      If youīre here on the .org and have no clue who Val is, youīre in the wrong forums. Val is not only the owner and admin, he is also a renowned comic colorist and the founder of MVCreations, the company that brought us the awesome 200x comic books.
      Things to expect from Val: panel on 200x comics, panel on digital coloring, live colorings of black/white sketches you bring him (for a small fee to cover his expenses) and recordings for the Roast Gooble Dinner

    • Live-Chat with Scott "ToyGuru" Neitlich, including Q&A with fans!
    • Beat the Geek: James Eatock vs. the World!
    • Eternian Grand Prix: The greatest race on Eternia. Dragonwalkers, Road Rippers and other vehicles in a battle for speed and fame!
    • Live-Audioplay "The Stream of Time" (German only): The traditional live-audioplay with participation of our voice actor guests and some amazingly talented fans.
    • Live-Audiocommentary for "Wizard of Stone Mountain" John Carroll talking about filming, production and sharing lots of funny stories;-)
    • World Premiere of "The Fountain of Life", the second part of the Fanfilm Trilogy!
    • From Etheria with love: Stand-Up Comedy about the rather infamous German She-Ra audioplays.
    • 10 years of 200x: A retrospective on the MOTU relaunch with Jukka Issakainen, focusing on comics and cartoons
    • Panel about dubbing and directing: Engelbert von Nordhausen talkig about the highs and lows of his profession.
    • 80ies Disco-Party: Saturday Night will be filled with 80ies Pop, Wave, Rock and the occasional cartoon theme song ;-)
    • Panel discussion: Whatīs better, Vintage or 200x? MOTUC: Blessing or Curse? How should a new MOTU movie be made? Whoīs more powerful: He-Man or Hulk? Questions and more questions, and we will certainly discuss some on stage.
    • Cosplay Contest: Dress up as your favorite MOTU hero, villain or neutral and win amazing prices!
    • Dolphing! Friday night is Dolph-Time! Join fellow fans watching the 1987 MOTU live-action movie on the big screen!
    • Workshops: learn voice acting, sword fighting and much more!
    • Furthermore: Raffles, Contests, Cartoons, Audioplays and the occasional surprise will await you!

    But wait, there is more!
    • MOTUC Temple of Darkness Sorceress. To the best of our knowledge, the Grayskull Con will be the first convention worldwide where this exclusive MOTUC figure can be bought! Further information and instructions how to get this figure will be provided in a very short time!
    • HUGE exhibition: Last years exhibition surprised most fans with the original screen-used Evil-Lyn costume from the 1987 live action movie, some screenused weapons and an amazing selection of 80ies merchandise, Mint on card actionfigures, customs and various fanworks, including a fully equipped, lifesize Castle Grayskull weaponsrack, powersword, He-Ro gravestone and lots more.
      This year, we not only doubled, but tripled our efforts to bring you the most jaw dropping exhibition the Grayskull Con has ever seen!
    • Bring and Buy Fleamarket: Bring your stuff and we sell it on your behalf!
    • Merchants room
    • Con-Merchandise: Limited Edition Artprints, custom actionfigure items and much more!

    And last but not least
    • An overall wonderful time, with fellow fans and collectors from all over the world in a friendly and familiar atmosphere.

    How to sign up:

    Jugendgaestehaus Bergneustadt (

    31st of August to 2nd of September

    • Full Ticket with accommodation in convention building and catering:
      sign up April/May/June: 52 Euros
      sign up July, August: 55 Euros
    • Full Ticket with accommodation on convention buildings camping ground and catering:
      sign up April/May/June: 42 Euros
      sign up July/August: 45 Euros
    • Full Ticket without accommodation and catering:
      sign up April/May/June: 32 Euros
      sign up July/August: 35 Euros
    • Daily Ticket Friday:
      Sign up April/May/June: 12 Euros
      Sign up July/August: 15 Euros
    • Daily Ticket Saturday:
      Sign up April/May/June: 22 Euros
      Sign up July/August: 25 Euros
    • Daily Ticket Sunday:
      Sign up April/May/June: 12 Euros
      Sign up July/August: 15 Euros

    A Full Ticket is valid for the course of the whole convention (Friday to Sunday).
    There are 80 beds in shared rooms available. Once these are gone, they are gone!
    Tickets for accommodation on the camping ground are per person, not per tent! Please bring own tent!

    Daily Tickets are valid
    Friday: 4pm to saturday 2am
    Saturday: 10 am to sunday 2am
    Sunday: 10am to 4 pm.
    (Times are subject to change, we are still working on the schedule and most propably will EXTEND the times!

    To sign up you need to write an email to, including:
    • your name
    • your nickname (optional)
    • complete address
    • desired ticket(s)

    If you are signing up for more than one person at a time, please provide the above requested information AND a valid email address for every person.
    You will receive an email with how to pay for the tickets usually within 24 hours.
    Sign up for the convention is completed AFTER we received payment!

    We will use this thread to collect and answer your urgent questions, and to announce more guests and program.

    Good Journey!
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    Positivity, folks!
    Letīs all agree to love MOTU enough to let others love MOTU, too!

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    The boys from Belgium are going!


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    Looking forward to it !!!
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    Watch out German He-Fans: here we come
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chroniklor View Post
    Watch out German He-Fans: here we come
    Brace yourselves: Belgians are coming
    "A knight is sworn to valor. His heart knows only virtue. His blade defends the helpless. His word speaks only truth. His wrath undoes the wicked."

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