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Thread: Which POP characters do you think are the most important?

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    As we have heard before probably this line still has 2 more years or even would you think they're going to produce such big list of POP characters when they have such a short time, we will see, time will time...but I hope so, as I've said before love to have most of POP characters into MOTUC line, as they deserved.

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    Glimmer, Kowl, and Madame Razz w/ Broom.

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    In order of importance:
    Madame Razz
    Queen Angela

    Anyone else is just icing on the cake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swifty_75 View Post
    As we have heard before probably this line still has 2 more years or even would you think they're going to produce such big list of POP characters when they have such a short time, we will see, time will time...but I hope so, as I've said before love to have most of POP characters into MOTUC line, as they deserved.
    Call me a naive optimist but so long as there isn't another price hike I feel fairly confident that we'll get full 12 month subscriptions in 2014 and 2015. 2016 it's hard to say what will happen--I would hope for another full year of figures, but even if we don't reach that level of sub sales that year I still think we would get something. I could be wrong but I don't think the line will suddenly disappear over night or go directly from full year subscriptions to absolutely nothing. Once we actually drop below the subscription quota (something I don't think will happen until we get through the all star years--so 2016) I still think we'll still see Matty offer at least a hand full of figures both online and for convention exclusives for at least another year or two after the subs officially end (although perhaps at inflated prices since there won't be a sub to support the figures).

    By the end of 2015 due to the "all-star" release schedule I'm sure we'll have received Glimmer, Mermista, Castaspella, Angella, possibly Kowl, and probably Entrapta (since she is needed to complete the Horde). If I'm not mistaken that leaves 7 vintage POP characters not in the line. I'm hoping one of those 7 will actually be revealed for this year before the "All-Star" thing takes off. Then if we could get a couple of the remaining figures out in whatever full or limited offerings are available in 2016 I could then see there being a push to just release the couple of remaining since we would be so close.

    So I think it's possible. I feel confident about the fact that we'll get the A-listers. The B & C listers I'm not so sure but I do think it's doable.

    The one thing I unfortunately am afraid we stand a very small chance of getting is all the Pegasus/Creature characters like Storm, Arrow, Clawdeen, Crystal Moonbeam, etc. It's too bad because I really wanted to see all of these also included in the line. I keep hoping since at this point the horse characters would involve little to no tooling that they'd at least decide to release those (even if they're not in the sub). Time will tell.
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    In order of most important, 1.Glimmer, 2.Kowl, 3.Madame Razz, 4.Angella,5.[Scorpia], 6.Castaspella,7. Mermista, 8.Sea Hawk, 9.Peekablue, 10.Lookee, 11.[Entrapta]12. Spinerella(not really but since we have Netossa), 13.Perfuma, 14.[Hunga the Harpy]15. Flutterina,16. Sweet Bee, 17.Double Trouble, .... then not sure if we are including Horde Ladies but if we are I'll bracket them in.
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    The VITALLY important POP characters (that are left) for me are: Glimmer, Castaspella, Queen Angella, Madame Razz/Broom, and Kowl
    The very important ones are: Mermista, Peekablue, Sea Hawk, Sweet Bee, Flutterina, Granita
    The rest, I'd like to see but can sacrifice: Spinnerella, Perfuma, Lookee, Double Trouble, Twiggets

    Of the Horde Filmation/POP characters, Scorpia and Imp are vital, Entrapta is very important, and Dylamug I'd like to see but could sacrifice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baronterror View Post
    between covering the black lady all in white as if to "counter" the blackness, and giving her such a lame "power" (net tossing?) her name is Netossa.

    to me that is nearly akin to her having a brother named "Spearchukka".

    Mind you, I dont expect everybody to agree, and in actuality I've noticed I'm supremely in the minority here. Also I am not trying to imply that I think she is intentionally somehow racially insensitive. Only that no matter how I try to see it, this is what is always brought to my mind when I consider her. So I wish it were otherwise, but for the reasons mentioned, I cant stand the idea or sight of her.

    I'll just hope that the 4H MOTUC version is greatly interprited, which I expect it shall be. But I am certainly in no rush to have her done at all.
    I'm black, and I didn't read ANY of this into Netossa. Her name is a play on the name Netosha - so what? (I thought it was a clever spin.) I think she was beautifully sculpted, and I'm glad we have her in the line at all to help bring in diversity. I've seen other people complain about the idea of giving her a spear being racist...I think that's a bit of overreaching. It's almost being overly Politically Correct. It gets to the point where "this character can't and shouldn't do this or that" to the point of not doing the character at all. Give her a spear, give her a sword, give her a flailing mace - I don't care what you give her, just weapon her up.

    It's better having her in the line than not having her at all because of some silly notion that brown-skinned figures should be "treated a certain way".

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here's my list of characters:

    Madame Razz - despite her goofiness (I'll attribute that to her advanced age), she has some wisdom and knowledge that are beneficial to the Rebellion. She also is a confidant to Adora/She-Ra, and is trusted enough to know her secret VERY early on.

    Kowl - The know-it-owl is long over due. Not only is he the C3PO to Bow's R2D2, he's a good spy and companion to Adora/She-Ra. He's aware of her secret identity early on as well.

    Glimmer - She is the "Man-At-Arms" in the She-Ra triumvirate. She is a very regular character, is at least second or third in command of the Rebellion (she helped start the dang thing), and should be standing on the OTHER side of She-Ra opposite Bow.

    Angella - She is the mother of Glimmer, and the Queen of Brightmoon, one of the last kingdoms to have fallen to the Horde. She is perhaps the second-most powerful member of the Rebellion behind She-Ra.

    Castaspella - is Queen of Mystacor. She brings power and weight to the Rebellion's cause.

    Double Trouble - though she was NEVER in the cartoon, she's the "Boba Fett" of POP IMO. She's the princess of Green Glade (according to the cartoon bible), and Glimmer's cousin. There's a lot that can be done with her - I'm hoping her "blank slate" is use to make her into a Snake Men sleeper agent. She spies on the Horde as originally intended, but thena secret part of her past is revealed showing that she is a Snake Man! Her release would also bring representation of the first year of vintage POP to a close.
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