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Thread: He-Man Musical

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    He-Man Musical

    "I wouldn't be surprised if this movie has Adam as a skinny nerd from Earth battling another skinny nerd-hacker from Earth that used an alias of Keldor. They then enter Tron-style to a cyber world called Eternia, where they control muscle-bound avatars to battle (called He-Man and Skeletor). And these same avatars come to life and continue to battle in present-day Earth." - VZX

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    Considering the gay undertones, Im surprised no one ever thought of doing this before!

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    and now the new hit single, run orko run....

    I always try to do right...
    but it always seems to be my plight..
    to mess up and ruin the fun....
    so I always have to run orko run!

    ode to teela

    I have the Power,
    but I don't have the bone marrow
    to ask the woman of the hour
    out with a simple flower.....

    it's a work in progress.
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