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Thread: MeTV Showing classic MOTU & POP!

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    MeTV Showing classic MOTU & POP!

    Sorry if there's already a thread; I saw the QUBO thread, but I don't get that network...

    Anyhoo, saw that it will be on in...about 3 and a half hours on MeTV...I won't be awake to see it, but if any of you are, or can DVR it, good for you!!!

    Happy watching,
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    I just checked and while I do get MeTv, it looks like they don't show He-Man in my area. I checked my guide and it says Paid Programming.

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    Yup! I get the He-Man and She-Ra Power Hour here in Central PA. They are on at 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM on channel 49!
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    a channel on dish network has been showing the He-man Xmas Special as well
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    Found out today about it. I don't watch that channel often as it's either paid programming or religious shows. But I'm willing to watch She-ra (I haven't watched it in 3 days) at 7am. But they should make Metv into a channel full of classic cartoons to replace the religious shows (I'm not athiest or anything like that, but why do I get the feeling some of the money that they tell you to give to the people of those countries doesn't really go to them?).

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    He-Man and She-ra on TV NOW!

    Surely this is addressed elsewhere, but here's the info that I have.
    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-ra Princess of Power
    are scheduled to be shown on channel 311, MeTV via Comcast Cable at least in Houston, Texas
    Saturdays at 5:00 AM. Two 30 minute episodes each.
    Here's a link
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    My kids and I get up on Saturday morning and watch these. Most of the time we miss He-Man but usually catch both She-Ra episodes. Sadly my son loves that stupid Green Screen Adventures show they play after it.

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    I found out yesterday, from one of my non MOTU/POP friends, that He-Man & She-Ra are both airing on San Diego's ME-TV channel. I've set my DVR to record both shows next Saturday morning!! YEAH!!!!

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    I'm so excited to be watching He-Man on my TV (ME TV) right now!!

    6:00 AM He-Man and the Masters of the Universe "A Friend in Need" TV-G
    6:30 AM He-Man and the Masters of the Universe "Masks of Power" TV-G
    7:00 AM She-Ra: Princess of Power "Glimmer's Story" TV-G
    7:30 AM She-Ra: Princess of Power "Enemy With My Face" TV-G
    It's like being a kid again!!!

    No toy commercials so far
    Lorax movie
    some "be good" softball ad
    (only 2 in first break!)
    Hair Club For Men (haha!!!)
    some dinosaur brush-teeth ad
    Lorax again but for discover the forest
    2 small HD football ads
    (2nd break complete)
    -stats.dangers of drug abuse for teens ad
    -parent with drug/alcohol problem ad
    -raising a child...partnership for
    -buddy addicted to cocainen
    -Brush..brush your teeth....twice a day...island song by animals
    -bored kids ..We Can!
    (3rd ad break mention of TOYS!!!)
    He-Man talks to us about drug use...and knowing is half the battle!..oh, wait...
    end creds.
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    RTV shows She-Ra Saturday mournings they used to show He-Man too but they sealed it out for Bravestarr.
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    I gotta check it out
    Is is now up and live please check it out and spread the word please!!!

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