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Thread: Error on cardbacks.

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    Error on cardbacks.

    Hi All,
    I have been recreating cardbacks in photoshop and found a error on the battle Armor Skeletor "Made in Mexico" version.
    Just wanting to know if anyone has noticed any more?
    Here is the example I will start with.
    Webstor ; Evil Ocean Warlord.
    Should be : Evil master of Escape


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    Webstor: Evil Ocean Warlord.
    Printing error, I must say.
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    I looked at all of mine, and they were correct. I would be curious to see how many are out there.

    On a side note, I was surprised by some of the changes in the character tag lines. For example, Clamp Champ is normally "Heroic Master of Capture", but on the back of SssQueeze's card, he is referred to as "Heroic Sentry Pinch Master". I'm sure it's not new news, but I never knew it!
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