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Thread: Celebrating 30 Years of Princess of Power

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    Celebrating 30 Years of Princess of Power

    Addendum: May 12, 2012

    Join the Cause! Let's show Mattel that Princess of Power's 30th Anniversary SHOULD be celebrated, and not glazed over "because POP is a part of MOTU now". POP is an important part of this franchise's history, and should get due recognition. Perhaps Mattel and Classic Media need to know just how much fans and collectors are willing to be out supporting Princess of Power.

    What do we as fans and collectors want? More POP figures in the Masters of the Universe Classics line, classic packaging for our MOTUC POP figures in 2015, maybe even a Commemorative Series of the vintage figures in 2015! With more POP figures released by 2015, we could see POP MOTUC figs re-released packaged in Vintage POP designed packaging, or even do multi-packs that pay homage to vintage multi-packs. Classic Media may already have plans to go crazy in 2015 with merchandising and multi-media releases - but let's be proactive and show them we're waiting. There are many ways we could Celebrate POP...from now to the 30th Anniversary.

    Let us as fans, consumers and collectors show the power of numbers! Come LIKE us at Celebrating POP. Support fan demand for a Celebration of Princess of Power, and the build-up to a great 30-Year Anniversary in 2015!

    Original Post: April 29, 2012
    2012 is not quite half way over yet - there may still be things that are yet to be revealed in the way of celebrating MOTU's 30th - so perhaps I'm speaking too soon. As I understand it, Princess of Power and New Adventures have been effectively absorbed into MOTU (which I think is a good thing), but thus far, we have seen NOTHING that represents either of these two crucial chapters of the Masters of the Universe franchise. Further, it's understood that there will be NO attempts to celebrate POP and NA on their respective anniversaries. Yes, there are fans/collectors that could care less about POP or NA - this post is not for them.

    This post is done to support the demand for more POP and NA in MOTUC line, and bring awareness to ToyGuru and Mattel. As the line presses on, many collectors are becoming more and more anxious as the vintage MOTU characters continue to get the lion's share of the distribution. Two monthly POP characters, and one monthly NA character a year is simply not acceptable. We are all MOTU fans, but many of us are frothing at the mouth to see contemporary versions of Castaspella, Flogg, Glimmer, Sagitar, and Angella. It's EASY to imagine what Spikor, Ninjor or Flying Fist He-Man are going to look like. But POP and NA characters are truly a toss up, since extra steps are being taken to make them more cohesive in the MOTU line - this is what makes the MOTUC line exciting to me.

    So I post this message for all my fellow POP and NA fans to let their voices be heard. What sort of steps should the MOTUC line take to be a more balanced, well-represented line? What should be done to celebrate Princess of Power's 30th Anniversary in 2015?

    Here's my list (WARNING: Some ideas MAY be a bit grandiose, but it's what the fans want):
    1. 2015 should have strong POP representation in the MOTUC line in all available slots - monthly, variant, beast/oversized, etc.
    2. SDCC and other Convention exclusives should be POP-centric in 2015.
    3. A comic book series featuring the MOTUC/200x version of the Secret of the Sword (She-Ra's origin story). This story has yet to be told.
    4. A DTV (Direct to Video) cartoon movie that features the POP cast, or an animated MOTUC/200x Secret of the Sword movie.
    5. POP merchandise
    6. A commemorative series based on the vintage action figures - packaged like the vintage line with rooted hair and soft good clothes.
    7. A "Then-And-Now" 2 Pack featuring a commemorative vintage figure packaged with it's MOTUC counter part.
    8. A commemorative series based on the vintage figures, but with sculpted hair and clothing - packaged like vintage MOTU and accompanied by Horde figures to commemorate the original cartoon series.
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