Woah. Woah woah woah woah WOAH. Woah woah. Woah! There's a new JEM doll??

As for using fabric for She-Ra's skirt, TG has gone on record as saying that using soft goods was not off the table completely, so it would totally be an option in this case.
I'm all for fabric. I wish the standard She-Ra had a fabric cape and skirt. Would have solved a lot of problems, no?

Again the Style Guide & Filmation looks are indeed better suited for MOTUC, I totally agree. But here's to hoping that there's an option to get more of the vintage look in a "companion variant sub line" or as a convention/non-sub 30th Anniversary "Defenders of Good" 3pk.
My fear is that the Filmation characters like Octavia, Huntara and Sunder will never get made in the MOTUC line. So, I tend to prioritize that over all else, but in a better world, you guys would get some classic POP lovin', and I'd be right there to cheer it all on I'd love for everyone to get a bit of sumtin' sumtin'.

If they go ahead with a 6-slot line, by all means, they should do a truly vintage She-Ra.

LOL. Tthis really made me laugh, you have no idea
Wish I'd heard it. Why though? I was totally being serious. THREE TIMES I ended up back on this page going "Wha??!?!" and looking around and then hearing Mila drone on, while I furiously scrolled to find her and make her shut up.

Anyway, here's an idea that I don't think anyone's thought of: