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Thread: The sleep of reason produces monsters: Lord Havoc

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    The sleep of reason produces monsters: Lord Havoc

    This sleepless night produces a new evil wizard: Lord Havoc!

    I think that we need more evil POG characters and that we need a guy with red hair and Lord Havoc is the answer, as you can see he wears a purple suit, purple gloves, a black cloak and a black armor and he comes with a black Havoc staff, of course, and the Necronomicon.

    Lord Havoc, real name: unpronounceable by a mortal tongue
    Just few people know his existence, because all the people that met him were killed with atrocious sufferings or were used in unholy sacrifices, he was on the planet long before anyone can remember, he never pledged alliance to someone else, neither Hordak or King Hsss. He's a really bad warlock that works alone, studying black magic and causing devastation with his overkill power.
    One of his targets is to evoke the Great Ones and unleash them on Pre-Eternia, after all his principal aim is to provoke the Ragnarök.

    It's highly recommended to listen to this song while reading the bio :

    (I'm sorry but I don't have money and skills to produce a real Lord Havoc but I could use some basic photoshop skills)
    If you want you can check this post about my photoshop creations: Stream of consciousness with photoshop (experiments)

    Obscure omen on this thread:
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