View Poll Results: How will you display your Stinkor?

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  • Vintage Style - Keeping it original

    9 10.11%
  • 200x Style - love the tanks

    39 43.82%
  • Combination of the two

    33 37.08%
  • Keeping it MOC

    8 8.99%
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Thread: How will you display your Stinkor

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    I'm definitely going all 200X for Stinkor. I'm planning on customizing him with the addition of hoses that attach the face mask to his tanks.
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    Right now, he's in 200X version but I do move 'im around from different timelines or even a combination of both. Just like Fisto!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MOTU_Maniac View Post
    I didn't vote since the poll didn't allow me to choose multiples. I will have display 1 vintage, 1 200X, and 1 MOC.
    What he said. This figure is hands down my most fave character ever. I don't know why, there are certainly more 'out there' designs. Maybe because I like the smell of patchoulli... I'd like to display him in all ways. Now I just need to grab another 2... lol!
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    Combo- and in a bag, so the smell stays 'fresh!'

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