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Thread: Musics from the cartoon!

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    Musics from the cartoon!

    For those of you who wants to have the musics of the cartoon, here is your chance to have it.

    With an other French fan and collector we will release those musics soon! We did it by ripping the musics that are inside the PS2 video game

    If you can't wait here is your chance to do it :

    This is all you need :

    1) PS2 video game MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE : He-Man Defender Of Grayskull
    2) The program called MFAUDIO

    Put the CD of the video game in the DVD/CD tray of your computer,
    With MFAUDIO, open the .ADS files which are inside the sub-folders of the root folder "STREAM"

    and here we go

    This was presented to you by and Eurodance

    Ok here they are to celebrate the 10th anniversary of MOTU 200X

    Track n1

    Track n2

    Track n3

    Track n4

    Track n5

    Track n6
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    Musclor aka : open!!!

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    WOW! This is awesome!

    I can't wait for this!

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    Very cool!
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    Wow, that's so awesome! I didn't know it was that easy to do. Thanks for sharing. I'm listening to my He-Man PS2 game as we speak! I had to buy a modded PS2 so I could play this game.
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