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Thread: MOTUC Dragon Blaster Skeletor Discussion Thread

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    Sorry guys. I understand the painted black plastic problem, but this constant complaining about DBS's face seems like another nitpick that has snowballed. So what they left the blackwash kff this one. The bright green of his face is supposed to accent the green on the shackle and armor. But mostly, it's a 6th Skeletor face variation. I like how they're keeping with the variety.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    - the use, again, of black plastic painted another color... my Stinkor's knee joints are totally ruined because the paint flaked off after I moved the legs the FIRST TIME
    The black plastic is either lazy cost cutting or a terrible "design choice". And, if you meant to write Spikor above, I agree... my Spikor has black joints which were that way before I even opened the packaging

    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    - why are his teeth so green? it looks like a smile lol...
    He looks like he's wearing green lipstick (teethstick?)... Maybe they want him to look more iconic... like the Joker?

    Quote Originally Posted by JonWes View Post
    The black-molded pieces would be fine if the paint didn't scratch off. Sadly... seems to be happening too much on these. They need to rethink this, pronto.
    That's the problem. Again, I'm annoyed that these things are called "high-end" but either their paint, methods, or design decisions are inferior!

    Quote Originally Posted by darkmoon766 View Post
    The Idea of a different head everytime for swapping is a good one, but I have to agree with AdultCollector, this one is ugly. Super bright yellow with no shading and neon green teeth does not look like Skeletor to me.
    He looks silly to me! Lucky I've got a spare original head I can swap out. Not everyone has a spare though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkmoon766 View Post
    Don't question the design team.
    I really wish Terry would return.
    IMO, the team around Ruben has made some really bad decisions with so many great figures, Stinkor, Frosta, now DB Skeletor.

    Remember, it was also Ruben who came up with all the dreadful snake variants of the 200x line.

    It makes me want to ask: Why does Ruben hate MOTU so much?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grayskull's Heir View Post
    I really wish Terry would return.
    Ruben has destroyed so many great figures, Stinkor, Frosta, now DB Skeletor.

    Remember, it was Ruben who came up with all the dreadful snake variants of the 200x line.

    Why does Ruben hate MOTU so much?
    Let's not forget it was Ruben's great idea to put a GREEN Clawful mace in the new weapons pack!!

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    Isnīt that Ruben?

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    Regarding the dragon - I really expected that collar to be removable from the body.
    It would have been nice to move the lock to either side of the dragon's neck...

    And those shoulders...
    Man, that painted plastic is really getting on my nerves...
    Mattel is really trying everything to **** me off BIG TIME
    Press down on dragon's head. It will bite off your frickin' fingers !!!

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    Ugh! I really was looking forward to making a "vintage toy style" Skeletor by simply swapping the trunks on DBS.

    Now that I see that he is another fully painted figure, that type of swap is out of the question as the paint will undoubtedly rub off during the process. Hopefully, the blue skin is close enough in color so I can still do a forearm swap. But there is paint rub risk still there as well, albeit lesser of a risk.

    Taking a risk on a $20 + $9 shipping figure makes me not even want to bother to try.
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    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but if you look at Dragon Blaster Skeletor's page in the MOTUC gallery on Matty, the back picture is actually of the vintage figure. I just thought it was rather funny that this happened and I'm curious if it was on purpose. The figure they show is actually fairly worn and has black splotches on his legs which is even funnier considering the black plastic controversy. Anyway just thoughI'd share

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    good catch! That's pretty funny.

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