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Thread: vintage he man collections for sale

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    vintage he man collections for sale

    I'm looking to sell my vintage collection the only figures I'm missing is rotor twistiod and the 2 rare laser he man and skeletor. Anyone wann
    a buy them

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    Do you have photos?
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    Sent you a PM!

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    I will have some pics soon just wanted to put out some feelers while at work

    everything is in pretty good shape they were my personal display and all display great, Snake Face wont stand but I have a black stand for him, everyone else pretty much stands on there own, and I'm big on faces so only King Randor has the nose paint rub. if you want pics give me your e-mail.Make me an offer will sell them separately as well.
    Rattler complete
    King Hiss Complete
    Kobra Khan complete
    Squeeze complete
    Multibot just missing t joints
    complete Modulock
    complete mosquitor blood pump works
    com[lete Grizzlor
    complete Leech
    complete Manteena
    complete Hordak
    Complete Hurricane Hordak
    Buzzsaw Hordak missing buzzsaw
    Extendor missing shield
    Sorsoress missing staff in great shape!
    Fisto Compete
    Man at arms complete
    Rockon complete
    stonedar complete
    Man at arms complete
    Orko missing tokens
    He Man complete
    b.a. he man complete
    hunder punch He man complete
    Flying fist he man missing red tab
    Rio Blast complete
    Stratos complete
    Sy klone complete
    Buzz off complete
    Zodac complete Roboto missing claw
    King Randor complete
    Clamp Champ missing clamp
    Teela complete
    Ram Man complete
    Mek E neck complete
    Zodac complete
    Snout Spout complete
    Skeletor COmplete
    BA Skeletor complete
    Dragon Blaster Skeletor missing chain and lock
    terror claws skeletor missing red tab
    Blade complete
    saurod missing gun
    Beast Man complete
    Moss Man complete
    Blast off missing fuze
    Evil Lyn complete
    Webstor complete
    Jitsu complete
    Scareglow missing saff
    Tri Klops Complete
    Trap Jaw complete
    Twobad Complete
    Merman Complete
    Faker complere
    Whiplash COmplete
    ninjor no weapons
    Stinkor complete
    Clawful complete
    Man E Faces complete
    Battle Cat complete
    Panthor complete
    Zoar Complete
    Screetch complete
    Night stalker with stridor tale.
    Stridor complete

    dont think I missed anything..
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    You can contact me at I may be interested.

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    sorry its all been sold

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