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Thread: WTB Accessories, Maps & Mini Comics

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    WTB Accessories, Maps & Mini Comics

    Hoping to buy the accessories and paperwork below (I'm based in the UK but have had a few transactions on here, please feel free to check out my feedback). Cash waiting !

    Original Skeletor head (not Mo-Larr) and Havok staff
    Man at Arms cannon from Great Unrest Weapons pack
    Evil Lynn Blue Shield from Great Unrest Weapons pack
    Fang Man Wheel of Infinity (I think it's called ?)
    Orb Holder from TOD Sorceress
    Pre-Eternia He Man Power Sword and Etheria Map
    Wundar Eternia Map
    Powers of Greyskull : The Legend Begins Mini Comic
    The Ultimate Battleground Mini Comic
    Origin Of Skeletor Mini Comic
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