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Thread: 200X MYP BCI DVD signed by Gary Chalk!

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    200X MYP BCI DVD signed by Gary Chalk!

    I had a chance to meet Gary Chalk last weekend @ Botcon in Dallas Texas! Even though he was mostly enamored by Optimus Primal/Beast Wars fans, I also wanted to show him my appreciation for his work as Man-At-Arms on MYP's MOTU, & as He-Man on New Adventures! He's a great guy & took pictures with my brother (PoweredConvoy) & I.
    I recommend if you ever get to meet him & other voice actors who have brought our favorite characters to life, you definitely should as it's a real treat!
    I met Scott McNiel several years ago & had hm sign my MIB 200X Khan figure, so this is another great piece for my MOTU collection!

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