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Thread: Catra's weapon modification...

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    Catra's weapon modification...

    I got my Catra figure and I was pleased that it was based on the Cartoon. However, her weapons were too... "Princess of Power". I wanted her to appear more like a member of the Evil Horde.

    I don't remember if she used her whip on the cartoon, but I based what I did on Catwoman.

    I cut the handle of a Ultimate Thor extra Weapon, and made a hole, and I cut Catra's whip, where the comb ended.

    A super-Glue second later, and some red Acrylic paint, and I had a Whip that made my Catra a member of the Evil Horde. The color of the whip may clash with her outfit, but I can see Catra using a metallic whip.

    I'm really happy with the modification.

    Let me know what you think!
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    Looks good. I use the red whip that came in the weapons pack with my Catra.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MldMnrdReporter View Post
    Looks good. I use the red whip that came in the weapons pack with my Catra.
    So do I. Tiger-Boy that looks cool i like it.

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    I gave her the red weapons pack Beast Man whip for a while but it was just too much red. I like how the silver breaks things up. Nice job.

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    Nice solution. Not a fan of the comb weapons!
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