This is a work in progress.

-Modified 200X gauntlets to fit MOTUC.

Not Completed:
-200X highlights (to be outsourced)
-Jetpack modification (pending Vykron's release)
-Shin guards (not sure where to get a close enough match.. Icarus is a possibility)

I have placed the two different 200x version wings just to throw in some variety. I'm fixing on making this an alternate future Stratos with a heavy "Sky Strike" influence (minus the weird black shirt). The older he gets, the more tech he employs to stay above the opposition.




So there's this gap I'm still working on. I have a few options I'm mulling around. The first is to repurpose the original wrist braces, the second is to cut of some more 200x gauntles and go for a seamless look. Eh.


Speaking of those things... I went through some 4 200X Stratos' before I got good enough not to slip up and damage the outside part with my dremel. In fact this started late 2010 when I first got my Dremel 3000! There's no quit in my vocabulary though. This pic gives you a decent view of what they look like hollowed out inside. Kind of like my soul.