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Thread: LOTS of stuff for sale!!!

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    LOTS of stuff for sale!!!

    Any questions please ask them here rather than pm, my box is almost full.

    Pay-pal is prefered but I can also do money orders if necessary. I only ship within the US.

    Here's my e-bay feedback and here's my .org feedback Prices are non-negotiable. I look through every listing of an item to see what it's going for on e-bay, and how many there are. I usually price mine just a little lower than the lowest listing on e-bay, unless it's less abundant, then I price it more comparable to the lower prices. All opened figures were displayed only, no play wear, all are complete unless otherwise stated.

    Dragon ball Z

    Shipping: $4.00 for 1 figure, I will combine shipping, which will be 5.35 unless you buy more than fits in the boxes I use, then it will depend on weight for the second box.

    Loose figures:

    Teen Gohan Z sword training = 18
    SS Trunks and Goten = 22
    SS3 Gotenks = 24
    SS Gotenks w/kamikazi ghost and stand = 24
    Future Trinks w/sword (irwins re-release of the bandai version) = 20
    Mystic Gohan = 29
    Battle damaged Mystic Gohan = 45
    Gohan androids saga: purple gi, red belt, white collar, not the Picolo outfit (irwins re-release of the bandai version) = 25
    King Kai w/ Bubbles (the monkey) = 16
    Kid Buu (irwins re-release of the bandai version) = 14
    Super Buu Mystic Gohan absorbed = 24
    Super Buu striking fighter (rubbery skin, better looking than the hard plastic figure, but it has no articulation) = 25
    Super Buu hard plastic version = 25
    Dabura w/ sword = 12
    Babidi w/ cacoon egg and cape = 12
    Spopovich w/ energy syphon = 12
    Android 16 w/ rocket punch = 29
    Android 18 = 16
    Garlic Jr. w/ orb and cape = 24
    Freiza final form Battle damaged = 48
    Freiza form 3 (alien) energy blasters w/ projectile = 28
    Burter = 9
    Nappa = 24
    Pikkon = 25
    Krillin original release = 12
    Battle damaged Goku = 45
    SS3 Goku w/halo (irwins re-release of the bandai version) = 18
    SS Vegito = 20
    Battle damaged Vegeta android saga outfit = 30
    SS Vegeta Cell games = 8
    SS Majin Vegeta = 25

    MOC figures:

    Videl = 29
    Trunks and Goten = 37
    Vegeta android saga silver insert w/ same Vegeta medallion (rare) = 40
    SS Majin Vegeta = 20
    Teen Gohan w/ SS Majin Vegeta on cardback (this is a second run of this series which is the same except it has black hair Vegeta on the cardback) = 30
    Spopovich w/ SS Majin Vegeta on cardback = 20
    Majin Vegeta black hair = 30
    Great Saiyaman w/ SS Majin Vegeta on cardback = 20
    Goku w/ SS Majin Vegeta on cardback = 40
    SS Gohan Z sword training w/ new packaging = 32
    Evil Buu w/ new packaging = 25
    Supreme Kai and Kibito w/ new packaging = 25
    Bulma w/ new packaging = 16
    SS3 Goku w/ new packaging= 25

    Loose vehicles with box:

    Trunks time machine complete w/ box = 155
    Red Ribbon Battle suit w/ box = 80
    Sky Bike 341 w/ box and exclusive gold haired Goku = 10

    Gundam Arch enemy collection: all are complete with box, and they have been reboxed almost perfectly, so they would make great MOC display peices if you wish.

    Shipping: $8, I will combine shipping.

    GAT-X 105 Aile Strike Gundam = 35

    RX-78-2 Gundam (the original Gundam) This one comes with the FF-X7 core fighter that is made up of seperate pieces, that are still attached to their plastic frames, never assembled or cut from frame (just like model car pieces come on)= 45

    MS-145 Gelgoog = 35

    I will update this soon. I also have lots of Evangelion, Spawn, Star Wars, the batman line that was sculpted by the four horsmen and was the pre-cursor to the DCUC line. Any questions please ask them here rather than pm, my box is almost full.
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